iPage VS HostMonster – Drupal Hosting Comparison

This comparison between iPage and HostMonster focuses on the Drupal hosting services offered by the selected hosting companies. Readers are able to get an in-depth introduction about Drupal hosting plans & price, Drupal compatibility & features, hosting resources, technical support and performance.

Both companies have devoted themselves to web hosting industry over 10 year and accumulated rich experience on hosting development. To help all people have a rough idea about iPage and HostMonster, we make the following rating comparison table in terms of their reputation in the market.

Rating iPage HostMonster
Reputation 4.5 4.5
Feature 4.0 4.5
Loading Speed 4.0 4.5
Reliability 4.5 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 5.0
In-depth Review iPage Review HostMonster Review

Drupal Hosting Plans & Price – iPage Wins

iPage develops one Drupal hosting package called Essential plan, regularly starting at $9.99/mo, and it also enables anytime money back guarantee. If readers click the following promotional link, an 77% comes into effect in real time and the price is automatically down to $2.25/mo. In fact, customers can get more than just the exclusive discount. There are various marketing credits that value over $500 included in the Drupal hosting solution.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

HostMonster enables 3 Drupal hosting solutions for webmasters including Basic, Plus and Business Pro, originally pricing at $5.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo. The following promotional link activation validates at least 42% discount for all Drupal hosting plans and make the price down to $3.49/mo, $5.49/mo and $13.49/mo respectively. What’s more, domain registration, site builders, online store and $200 marketing offers are all exempt from the charge.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Drupal Compatibility – Both Guarantee 100% Drupal Compatibility

iPage and HostMonster both support MySQL5, PHP5 and Apache server so as to meet the minimal system requirements of Drupal. And also, the sufficient allocation of disk space leaves enough room for numerous Drupal themes and modules installed. The 1-click installer is also available for every customer, which makes the Drupal installation much easier.

Resource & Feature – Both Have Done a Great Job

iPage Essential plan includes the maximum allocation of disk space and bandwidth along with the latest version of programming language and MySQL database. In addition, a drag & drop site builder helps webmasters, ever for beginners, create their Drupal sites with ease. The 1-click installation for multiple applications makes it easy to develop a website for different purposes.

Feature iPage HostMonster
Plan in Review Essential Basic
Disk Space Unlimited 100GB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL5 Yes Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl5 Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
Sale Now! $2.25/mo $3.49/mo

Performance – HostMonster Wins

iPage uses two data centers located in Boston, covered an area of 2,400 square feet. There are thousands of web servers placed in the data centers, and each server is supported by the latest technologies. Running on N+1 power, this company can guarantee uninterrupted power supply so as to keep high level of reliability as the following statistics.

HostMonster is committed to hosting all websites in a secure and reliable environment by using top-level data centers. High performance servers, UPS power backup and diesel generator backup power are used to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. Besides, 24/7 network monitoring is responsible for maintenance of all facilities around-the-clock.

Frankly, both companies have the ability to guarantee at 99.99% uptime on average and leave all hosted websites in a reliable hosting environment. However, when it comes to speed, HostMonster has done a better job according to the following server response time comparison.

Technical Support – Both Offer Award-Winning Support Service

iPage makes a promise to answer all questions in the shortest time via live chat, phone and email available around-the-clock. That is to say, no matter when people ask for help, they are going to get valid solutions immediately.

HostMonster allows three communication channels for the access of its well-trained support team, including live chat, phone and email, which are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And also, this company has set a help center including the most popular help content, like the way to get started a new account, pricing structure, email accounts management, and so on. If people are looking for some basic guides, the knowledgebase can make big difference.

Summary – HostMonster is Recommended

According to Drupal compatibility, hosting resources and technical support, both companies are neck and neck in the comparison. However, if people prefer to choose a more affordable Drupal hosting solution, iPage is a better option. For some webmasters going after high performance, HostMonster is more suitable.