iPage VS JustHost – Comparison on Hosting a Drupal Site

iPage and JustHost are both experienced hosting providers in the industry and catch the fancy of millions of customers for their quality service with diversified features. For some people still being in hesitation about which company is better for their sites, our editors make an in-depth comparison in this article, mainly on the aspect of the Drupal hosting service.

The iPage vs JustHost is comprehensive enough to help readers know the companies on all sides, including pricing, Drupal compatibility, features, control panel, performance and technical support. Those evidences speak volumes for the two companies’ ability on hosting and help readers make a choice between them.

Here, we list the customer rating for iPage and JustHost in the following table, from which readers can have a rough idea of them. According to the information below, we can conclude than both web hosts get a high reputation among their customers.

Rating iPage JustHost
Reputation 4 4.5
Feature 4.0 4.5
Loading Speed 4 5.0
Reliability 4 4.5
Tech Support 5.0 5
Website ipage.com justhost.com

Pricing – Both Are Affordable

Having been in this field for over 10 years, iPage keeps offering the highest discount to stabilize its Drupal hosting service lower than $2/mo. This company only provides customers with one Drupal hosting plan named as Essential Plan, which is regularly priced at $9.99/mo. And now, with up to 83% discount through this promotional link, the price is cut down sharply to $2.25/mo.

As budget-friendly as iPage, JustHost offers exclusive 58% discount to its Drupal hosting packages. In this case, customers can click this promotional link to purchase the service only at $2.5/mo. To help readers compare iPage and JustHost on their prices clearly, we list the details in the following table.

iPage JustHost
Regular Price $9.99/mo $5.99/mo
Discount 77% 58%
Discounted Price $2.25 $2.5
Money Back Guarantee Anytime Anytime
Accept Credit Card Yes Yes
Link Activation Link Activation

Both hosting providers offer $100 Google AdWords Offer, $50 Yahoo! Bing Search Credits and $50 Facebook Advertising Credits. And also, both credit card and PayPal are available for customers, making the payment more secure and convenient.

Drupal Compatibility – Both Achieve 100% Compatibility

Drupal raises a high requirement on hosting providers’ system, especially for disk space, web server, database and PHP. In fact, iPage and JustHost offer unlimited disk space and the latest version of Apache, MySQL and PHP to achieve the technical requirement of Drupal perfectly. In addition, both web hosts provide 1-click installation for Drupal, making it faster and easier to install and update the software. Customers only need to finish the installation via the given control panel.

Features – Numerous Resources

In addition to unlimited disk space, iPage offers unlimited data transfer, domains, and MySQL databases to guarantee the maximum allocation of resources. It supports FTP manager along with secure FTP to make sure the file transfer speed and security. And also, multiple free site-building tools help webmasters create their sites effortlessly.

Likewise, JustHost offers disk space, data transfer, number of domain hosting and email accounts without limitation. Customers don’t need to pay for the site builder, domain name registration (one year) and instant setup so that to save a sum of money. Check more information in the following table.

iPage JustHost
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Discounted Price $2.25 $2.5
Email Adresses Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Registration Free Free
Site-building Tools Free Free
Control Panel vDeck cPanel
FTP Access Yes Yes
POP3 Yes Yes
Link Activation Link Activation

Control Panel – JustHost Is Better

iPage utilizes vDeck control panel on the management of website, email, domain, e-commerce, marketing service and account. Customers are able to take full control over their websites through an intuitive interface that is understandable and usable.

To be honest, JustHost is slightly better than iPage for it integrates with cPanel that is the most well-known control panel in the industry and includes multiple robust features. In the graphic user interface, customers are able to target whatever they want in the shortest time and install dozens of applications without paying too much effort.

Performance – JustHost is Faster

When speaking to reliability, both companies have the ability to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to each hosted website. iPage uses two data centers in Boston running on N+1 power to make sure uninterrupted power supply. JustHost powers its data center with UPS power backup and dual quad processor performance servers to achieve high-level of reliability.

And also, to show the speed of iPage and JustHost clearly and accurately, our editors host a website on each company in person and have tracked the server response time around 30 days. The following chart shows our collection of statistics.

Technical Support – JustHost is Recommended

iPage and JustHost both attach great importance to technical support and provide customers with the fastest communication channels including live chat, email and phone, all available in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when having a problem on the website, customers can contact the support staffs in time and get a valid solution immediately.