iPower VS BlueHost – Web Hosting Comparison

iPower and BlueHost are two old hosting companies founded at the beginning of this century. However, after almost 15 years’ development, they are now sharply different from each other when it comes to shared hosting.

The user feedback, as well as server monitoring, tells that BlueHost is doing far better than iPower in all the aspects that matter to shared hosting users, including the cost, performance, technical support and ease of use.

This comparison will analyze all the aspects mentioned above and show why BlueHost is the much better choice for hosting blogs, eCommerce sites and any other type of websites.

Rating iPower BlueHost
Price 3 5
Features 2.5 4.5
Uptime 3 5
Speed 2.5 4.5
Support 3 5
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Web Hosting Prices & Refund Guarantee

Both iPower and BlueHost provide 3 shared hosting plans, and they are offering discounts for those who sign up with them for the first time.

iPower plans are now priced from $3.99/mo, $3.95/mo and $11.99/mo. These prices are commonly seen in the industry, but you must pay attention that the low rates for the former two plans are exclusive to the initial term. When renewing the two plans, you have to pay the regular fees which start at $8.99/mo and $10.95/mo. The renewal rates are over two times higher.

BlueHost shared hosting plans come with the similar regular prices which start from $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo. However, the special rates for new customers seem more affordable. If you visit the company’s website through the following promo link, you can get up to 63% discounts for $2.95/mo only.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

For the money-back guarantee, both web hosts promise a 30-day full refund. However, BlueHost also allows you to request pro-rated refunds at any time after 30 days.

Web Hosting Control Panel

iPower provides shared hosting users with vDeck 3.0 control panel, while BlueHost offers the enhanced cPanel, the most easy-to-use Linux hosting control panel. vDeck is also a popular choice, but the version 3.0 is quite outdated due to the unaesthetic design and lack of modern features.

Although both control panels make it simple to manage MySQL databases, emails and domains, cPanel is indeed the better choice, which has been proved by the numerous compliments online. Besides, there are much more video tutorials for cPanel.


Besides the control panel, BlueHost also wins iPower in several other aspects when it comes to the hosting feature.

  • It provides more server resources in the beginner plan.
  • There are more development features available.
  • You can host blogs, forums, eCommerce sites or photography sites with any of BlueHost plans.

These benefits are better illustrated in the following comparison between BlueHost Basic plan and iPower Starter Plan.

Feature iPower BlueHost
Plan Basic Starter Plan
Website 1 1
Disk Space 5 GB 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 250 GB Unlimited
Email Account(s) 1 5
Database(s) 1 20
PostgreSQL No Yes
Ruby on Rails/Python No Yes
SSH No Yes
eCommerce Allowed No Yes
Free Domain No Yes
Website Backups Yes Yes
Regular Price $8.99/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 56% 63%
Discounted Price $3.99/mo $2.95/mo
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Web Hosting Reliability

To increase the reliability of their hosting services, iPower and BlueHost equip all their data centers with the following equipment and technologies.

  • UPS power supply with backup generators.
  • Daily server backups.
  • Multiple Gigabit connections from diverse backbones.
  • 24×7 monitoring of the network.

Although many of the technologies used by the two web hosts are the same, BlueHost has received higher scores in the uptime monitoring. The average uptime of its servers and network always exceeds 99.9% easily, which is indicated by the following piece of statistics.

On the contrary, iPower cannot reach 99.9% in the uptime percentage in about half the months. You can see how this happens in the monitoring results of the recent 30 days.


Both iPower and BlueHost have purchased high-performance servers to deliver fast processing and execution speed. Besides, they have been cooperating with the top carriers to provide fast networks.

Despite these similarities, BlueHost still does much better in the hosting speed because:

  • The company separates each account on the shared servers, and it has developed a technology to completely isolate those accounts which are detected to consume excessive resources.
  • A CDN is enabled by default for all users, which makes the content delivery lightning-fast.

We have monitored the two web hosts’ server response speed and finally got the following results.

Technical Support

iPower and BlueHost have a large knowledgebase which includes many helpful tutorials about domain management, control panel, email configuration, website marketing, scripting, and the common troubleshooting topics.

Besides, they also offer 24×7 expert-powered technical support via several efficient and convenient ways including live chat, email and phone. The difference, however, is that the support team of BlueHost is more responsive to customers’ questions.

According to trials, the average waiting time for phone and chat is about 1 minute only, and that for support tickets is as short as 15 minutes. The fast replies have won BlueHost a good reputation.

Start Hosting with BlueHost

BlueHost is among the largest and most reputed hosting companies all over the world. Since its shared hosting services are better in all the key points, we’d certainly recommend this web host no matter what you need.

If you have made up your mind, you can now sign up with BlueHost and enjoy the discounts. In the case that you haven’t, just search for more user reviews to learn why the companies’ hosting plans are worth your money.