ixWebHosting VS BlueHost on Shared Hosting

This ixWebHosting vs BlueHost comparison is delivered with the purpose of helping readers find out which of the two companies can best satisfy their expectations.

Based on our in-depth reviews along with hundreds of real customers’ feedback, we will compare their shared web hosting packages from multiple aspects, such as the pricing level, money back, feature offerings, server performance, and so on.

Rating ixWebHosting BlueHost
Reputation 3.5 5
Feature 3 4.5
Speed 2.5 4.5
Reliability 3.5 5
Support 3.5 4.5
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About ixWebHosting and BlueHost

ixWebHosting has been a provider of shared and VPS hosting services since 1999. The company now owns an 11,000 square feet data center in Columbus, Ohio and claims to host more than a million websites on a global scale.

BlueHost is a renowned company in the field launched in 1996 and acquired by the massive Endurance International Group in 2010. With years of development and innovation, BlueHost has made itself an industry leader, serving for over 20,000 new customers on a monthly basis.

According to the statistics, both companies are popular and reliable web hosts. That’s why many users over the web will find it tough to make a decision between them. Nevertheless, ixWebHosting is less competitive than BlueHost in several aspects. Now, read on to check their differences in detail.

Plan & Pricing

In total, ixWebHosting has three plans for you to choose, including Expert Plan, Unlimited Pro, and Business Pro. The company, at present, is making a sales promotion and pricing the plans at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo, and $7.95/mo, which is fairly affordable.

Plan and PricingHowever, for users paying monthly, ixWebHosting is not that generous, rating the three plans at $9.95/mo, $16.95/mo, and $13.95/mo in several. Besides, it requires a setup fee of $30 for you to get the hosting account activated.

When it comes to BlueHost, the company also provides three hosting plans well tailored for personal and business users. It aptly names these plans as Basic, Plus, and Prime and prices them from $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo in regular cases.

Now, the company is also running a sales campaign. In this case, it allows users following an exclusive promotional link to buy its plans starting at $2.95/mo, up to 63% off.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Money Back

The money back guarantee of ixWebHosting is a little bit tricky. To be more specific, you can request a full refund on your hosting plan fees within the first 30 days of sign-up. Alternatively, you can cancel the hosting account within the initial 90 days and ask for a refund on your current month’s fees.

By contrast, BlueHost refund policy is more simple and straightforward. It issues a full refund for users who are not completely satisfied with its shared hosting package during the first month. And for users terminating their contracts after this period, it refunds on the remainder of their services.

Basic Features

ixWebHosting claims to include unlimited disk storage, monthly transfer, email boxes, and more within its hosting plans while BlueHost specifies that only users of its premium Business Pro plan can enjoy such unlimited server resources.

From this perspective, it seems that ixWebHosting is more generous with the allocation of server resources than BlueHost. However, do remember that you get what you pay for. Considering the cheap prices, you need to think carefully whether unlimited hosting is a fact or simply an advertisement phrase that ixWebHosting has thrown around.

Another worrying point of ixWebHosting is that the company lacks some basic features like Perl, Python, SSH, and Cron Jobs. You can read the following comparison table to check the feature offering of its primary plan and that of BlueHost in detail.

Server Resource ixWebHosting BlueHost
Plan Selected Expert Plan Basic
Domain Unlimited 1
Free Domain 1 1
Disk Space Unlimited 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited 5
PHP Yes Yes
Perl/Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Cron Jobs No Yes
Shell Access No Yes
Price $3.95/mo $2.95/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

Ease of Use

Despite the fact that ixWebHosting supports the 1-click installation of Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and many other popular applications as BlueHost does, it is to some extent inferior to the rival concerning usability.

Within its hosting plans, ixWebHosting includes only an H-Sphere control panel. As reviewed by a number of webmasters, this control panel is less user-friendly than the cPanel control panel available with BlueHost because it consumes much server resources, limits the editing possibilities for PHP and other scripts, and has many other disadvantages.

Hosting Reliability

With more than 17 years of hosting experience, both ixWebHosting and BlueHost know how important it is for users to get their websites online and accessible in a fast manner. That’s why they have invested heavily in building and operating their own data centers instead of outsourcing their data center needs to some other companies.

As we’ve mentioned in the very beginning, ixWebHosting currently locates its data center in Columbus, Ohio. In order to ensure users with the required server performance, the company equips its data center with many robust facilities and monitors its network 24×7 for nipping possible issues in the bud.

BlueHost, on the other side, has three data centers in Utah that feature UPS power supplies, diesel generators, 100% Dell-branded servers, BGP4 auto-routing technology, and more to keep users’ sites up the maximum amount of the time.

Under this circumstance, it is a foregone conclusion that both companies can fulfill their official 99.9% uptime guarantee in the real world. In detail, ixWebHosting has achieved an average of 99.94% uptime while BlueHost has averaged 100% at the same point. You can check the following BlueHost uptime chart for evidence.

Page Loading Speed

As a host of distinction, BlueHost not only guarantees excellent uptime but also delivers fast page loading speed. Displayed as the following performance comparison chart, BlueHost is up to 148% faster than ixWebHosting, taking an average of 320ms only for responding to a server request.

Frankly speaking, BlueHost server response time is fairly excellent in the field, which may bring users some potential benefits like lower bounce rate, better search engine rankings, and so on.

Customer Support

Both ixWebHosting and BlueHost provide dedicated technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through the most effective channels like phone, live chat, email, and ticket. They hand-pick each of their support representatives to ensure that users can get professional assistance.

Moreover, the two companies both back users with an experienced and interactive community, enabling them to seek for self-help solutions as well as exchange views with other peer customers via their knowledgebase sections and multiple social media platforms.

The only thing differentiating the two companies, according to our surveys, is that BlueHost technical support is much more responsive than that of its opponent. Usually, it takes only a few seconds to answer a live chat and less than 15 minutes to process a ticket.

Final Thought

As we’ve explored in this comprehensive ixWebHosting vs BlueHost comparison, both companies provide multiple affordable hosting plans and ensure excellent hosting reliability. However, the former company is not as competitive as the latter regarding aspects like the usability, features, page loading speed, etc.

Considering these facts, it is clear that BlueHost should be the final winner of this comparison. In this case, your can sign up BlueHost, start your hosting journey right now, and expect your website to grow and thrive continually with the help of this reputable web host.