ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy – Who’s Better

ixWebHosting and GoDaddy are among those popular web hosts who provide various hosting solutions and other services like SSL certificates. In their feature lists of the shared hosting plans, you can find the same things like unlimited bandwidth, PHP, Perl, MySQL and email accounts. However, there are in fact many differences.

Our reviews tell that both ixWebHosting and GoDaddy do well in the service uptime, but they still need improvements in the feature, speed, and technical support. By reading the details below, you will be able to tell whether one of them is worth a purchase.

Rating ixWebHosting GoDaddy
Pricing 3.5 3
Feature 3 3
Uptime 4 4
Speed 2 2
Support 3 3
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ixWebHosting Edge in the Competition – Cheaper Plans

ixWebHosting offers 3 plans which come with the regular prices of $7.95/mo, $14.95/mo and $14.95/mo. Since there is a large discount available for the plans, you can get the following prices.

  • Expert Plan: $3.95/mo, including 1 free domain, 2 free dedicated IPs, and 7-day free trial.
  • Unlimited Plus: $7.95/mo, including 2 free domains, 3 free dedicated IPs, and 7-day free trial.
  • Unlimited Pro: $7.95/mo, including 3 free domains, 15 dedicated IPs, and 7-day free trial.

GoDaddy has three plans, too. But these plans are a little more expensive than those of ixWebHosting. The regular prices are $9.99/mo, $13.49/mo and $21.99/mo, and the discounted ones for first-time users are:

  • Economy: $4.99/mo, including 1 free domain for annual plan.
  • Deluxe: $6.49/mo, including 1 free domain for annual plan.
  • Ultimate: $10.99/mo, including 1 free domain for annual plan.

ixWebHosting and GoDaddy are not the cheap hosting providers, while the former indeed provides more affordable plans.

GoDaddy Edge over ixWebHosting – cPanel with Script Installer

The most significant edge that GoDaddy possesses is the ease of use. It offers a better control panel, and a more feature-rich script installer.

  • The control panel offered by GoDaddy is cPanel, the best with millions of fans. The one provided for ixWebHosting customers, however, is H-Sphere, a control panel with most of the basic features but worse navigation.
  • GoDaddy script installer covers over 150 popular applications so that you can install and set up those applications including Drupal with clicks. ixWebHosting also has an installer which supports about 30 applications only excluding Drupal.

The Similarities & Minor Differences

As we mentioned before, ixWebHosting and GoDaddy offer good uptime. However, neither of them is a great choice when it comes to the hosting features, speed and support.

Good uptime

ixWebHosting runs a Tier 3 data center by itself which is equipped with redundant network and routing. The company claims that it handpicks and provisions all hardware without any outsourcing. Besides, there is a remote team keeping an eye on the network and all operations. As a result, ixWebHosting is able to get the result of 99.92% uptime on average in our monitoring.

GoDaddy has more data centers because of the millions of global users. Combined, these data centers can actually guarantee quite good service uptime. That’s why GoDaddy is confident to promise 99.9% uptime. The following statistics are shown in our monitoring system.

Lack of some features

ixWebHosting and GoDaddy can meet the normal demands because they offer email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, shared SSL certificate, etc. However, they both have limitations.

For example, GoDaddy only offers 1 email account in its starter plan, and it doesn’t support Ruby on Rails. For ixWebHosting, Python and SSH are not supported.
To show how the two web hosts perform when compared with the leading web hosts, we have compared their features with those of InMotion Hosting, a reputed hosting provider.

Feature ixWebHosting GoDaddy InMotion Hosting
Plan Expert Plan Economy Launch
Website(s) Unlimited 1 2
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB Unlimited
MySQL DBs 50 10 2
PostgreSQL DBs 50 No 2
Email Accounts 2500 1 Unlimited
PHP/Perl Yes Yes Yes
Python No Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No Yes
SSH No Yes Yes
SSD No No Yes
Regular Price $7.95/mo $9.99/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 50% 50% 56%
Special $3.95/mo $4.99/mo $3.49/mo
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Slow speed

The most significant common disadvantage between ixWebHosting and GoDaddy is the slow speed of their web hosting services. Though the two web hosts have reliable facilities and redundant networks, neither of them is good if you want to gain the best speed that serves good search rankings and user experience. The evidence is in the monitoring chart below.

Shortages in the technical support

ixWebHosting and GoDaddy can provide responsive and professional technical support for most of their customers. With either company, you are able to get support service by calling or starting a chat. The support staffs usually respond quickly.

However, you may still need to note the following shortages.

  • ixWebHosting has met frequent issues for the phone support. Sometimes the support numbers are not available for a couple of days.
  • ixWebHosting hasn’t built any support forum for customers to communicate with others or seek help.
  • GoDaddy doesn’t offer email support.
  • The live chat support of GoDaddy is not available 24×7.

Who Is Better?

ixWebHosting offers cheaper plans, while GoDaddy provides easier-to-use hosting solutions. However, considering their slow speed, we would recommend some alternatives instead of either of these two web hosts.

The following ones, then, are more worth a try, according to our experience. User feedback and detailed reviews have also been taken into account.