ixWebHosting VS InMotion Hosting – Which Offers Better Hosting

Having been around for 18 years, ixWebHosting is now a provider of comprehensive hosting services. InMotion, a 14-year CNET certified hosting company, is known for secure online transactions and outstanding services.

After reading their product page roughly, you will find that both web hosts provide good discounts for new customers, and they offer rich server resources which are attractive. Then the questions appear – which one of them is actually better and whether there are hidden secrets behind their words.

To clear up your confusion, we have made detailed comparisons between ixWebHosting and InMotion. The results of comparing their price, performance, support and features, then, tell that InMotion has obvious edges over ixWebHosting. The reasons are presented below.

Rating ixWebHosting InMotion Hosting
Price 4 4.5
Uptime 4 5
Speed 2.5 5
Feature 3 4.5
Support 3 5
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The Similarities of ixWebHosting and InMotion

When reviewing and comparing the two web hosts, we found that they are quite satisfying when it comes to the service reliability and hosting cost.

Affordable plans

ixWebHosting has launched a big discount for its shared hosting plans. In total three plans are available. The Expert plan now charges $3.95/mo instead of the regular price of $7.95/mo, and the other two plans cost $7.95/mo instead of $14.95/mo. All the plans include a domain name and one dedicated IP for free. A money back guarantee is valid for the first 90 days.

InMotion offers three plans, too, and up to 56% discounts have been released for the plans. During such a promotion, the Launch plan is purchasable at $3.49/mo; Power plan charges $4.49/mo, and Pro plan requires a payment of $7.49/mo. The renewal prices start at $7.99/mo.

With InMotion, you can ask the support team to transfer your site from other providers to its servers. The no-downtime transfer doesn’t require an additional fee. Besides, there are $250 advertising credits. In case you are worried about the account cancellation, InMotion also guarantees full refunds for the first 90 days.

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High uptime

InMotion has been widely known for great reliability. For ixWebHosting, there are few criticisms for downtime, too. Such excellences attribute a lot to their custom-built and independently operated data centers which feature multi-tiered storage, highly-connected network and fully redundant power supply.

As is shown in our monitoring system, ixWebHosting can meet its promise of 99.9% uptime successfully because the real statistics are a little above the figure.

InMotion does even better than ixWebHosting due to its full concentration on the reliability and service quality. Its average uptime even goes above 99.95% in the past year.

The Differences Between Them

Despite nearly the same affordable price and service uptime, ixWebHosting and InMotion are very different from each other in the advanced features and hosting speed. Also, there are minor differences between their technical support.

InMotion provides more features

You can find some similar things from the two companies’ feature list. These features include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • A large number of email accounts with auto-responders, forwarders and mailing lists.
  • PHP 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, and .htaccess.
  • The support for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts.

The major difference, however, is the control panel. Unlike InMotion which provides the popular and easy-to-use cPanel, ixWebHosting has only installed H-Sphere on all its shared servers. H-Sphere is not always the best choice because it has an outdated design, quite limited features, and hard site transfer.

Also, there are some other differences which are explained in the table below.

Feature ixWebHosting InMotion Hosting
Plan Expert Launch
Email Accounts 2500 Unlimited
Databases 50 2
Website(s) Unlimited 2
PHP 7 No Yes
Perl No Yes
SSH No Yes
Control Panel H-Sphere cPanel
Script Installer Unknown Softaculous
Free Site Builder No Yes
Free Backup No Yes
Current Price $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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InMotion is faster

As one of the few web hosts that offer really fast shared hosting, InMotion is definitely the winner in speed. According to our monitoring and reviews, as well as the user feedback, this web host:

  • Locates the two data centers on different coasts of the US.
  • Purchases all Dell servers and uses SSDs for all the servers.
  • Builds a high-capacity network which is connected to multiple bandwidth providers.
  • Monitors the network and servers 24×7 to address possible issues as soon as possible.

Being serious about the hosting performance, InMotion delivers much faster speed than ixWebHosting. Below is the monitoring record.

InMotion is excellent in technical support

For technical support, both web hosts provide real-time assistance from experts via phone, live chat and their helpdesk (ticket system). Also, there are useful resources that already exist on their official sites, including a knowledgebase, FAQs, and a video library.

While things sound the same good for ixWebHosting and InMotion, the latter does much better in the real world because of the following facts.

  • The phone support of ixWebHosting comes with some unexpected issues occasionally, which may lead to inaccessibility. InMotion, however, hasn’t been complained for this issue.
  • InMotion always responds quickly. You only need to wait about one minute for a chat or phone call, and about 2 hours for tickets or emails.
  • In addition to the regular support methods, InMotion also offers help through Skype and a community where there is always support staff online.

Conclusion – InMotion Survives the Competition

It is clear that InMotion is better than ixWebHosting in shared hosting. Its high reputation in the industry, affordable yet rich-featured plans, responsive support, and great performance are all the reasons for its prize. That’s why we’d suggest InMotion more.