ixWebHosting VS JustHost – Web Hosting Comparison

ixWebHosting and JustHost are professional web hosting providers with a history in the field. They provide multiple plans to cover different needs, and all the common features are available.

However, the differences are also clear which you have to know before settling down your choice. For example, they offer different control panels, so you need to choose the one that you are used to. Besides, they differ a lot in the hosting speed.

All the same things and differences are detailed in below, and we’ve made ratings based on the facts.

Rating ixWebHosting JustHost
Uptime 4 5
Price 3.5 4.5
Feature 3 5.5
Speed 2 4.5
Support 4.5
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Both Web Hosts Provide Reliable Uptime

ixWebHosting has a custom-built data center which is housed with quality hardware featuring tiered storage. There is no much information about the server hardware or network equipment, but according to the uptime monitoring operated by our experts, ixWebHosting can provide a good uptime which can meet the requirements of most shared hosting users.

JustHost also relies on a world-class data center. This data center includes custom-built servers that are upgraded regularly, and it is powered by both local grids and dedicated generators. Besides, it features connections to different bandwidth providers so that the network connections are also redundant. Such a data center can deliver over 99.9% uptime.

ixWebHosting Edge – Hosting Unlimited Websites at a Low Price

The main benefit of going with ixWebHosting when compared with JustHost is that all of the company’s shared hosting plans allow you to build multiple websites because there are enough resources for you to do so. Besides, free dedicated IPs are available.

ixWebHosting has three plans. The Expert Plan is priced from $7.95/mo, while it is now discounted to $3.95/mo. The other plans, Unlimited Pro and Business Plus, are cut from $14.95/mo down to $7.95/mo.

JustHost three plans are a little cheaper. The regular prices of them start from $9.49/mo to $14.99/mo, while up to 63% discounts reduce your payments to $3.49/mo, $5.95/mo and $6.95/mo. A free domain is also available, and if you buy any plan except for the cheapest Basic, you can get free advertising credits, SpamExperts, and other freebies.

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You have to pay attention that priced from $3.49/mo, JustHost Basic plan can only be used to host one website. The disk space usage is limited to 50 GB, and you are able to create up to 5 email accounts.

JustHost Edges in the Service Quality

In fact, JustHost has been providing shared hosting services of higher quality. The edges generally lie in the ease of use, development features, speed, and the technical support.

More professional hosting features

JustHost wins much in the ease of use because it offers the best control panel – cPanel. With ixWebHosting, you can only rely on the H-Sphere control panel which is not as feature-rich and easy-to-use as cPanel. On today’s market where most web hosts adopt cPanel, H-Sphere is kind of outdated.

Besides, JustHost has installed more software on its shared servers, which means there are more possibilities if you want to make your own development or try new things. Here are the details.

Feature ixWebHosting JustHost
Plan Expert Plan Basic
Disk Space Unlimited 50 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) Unlimited 1
Email Accounts 2500 5
MySQL Databases 50 20
PHP/Perl/Ruby Yes Yes
Python No Yes
SSH No Yes
Operating System CentOS 5 CentOS 6
Control Panel H-Sphere cPanel
Special Price $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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Much better server speed

The official information shows that both ixWebHosting and JustHost use world-class data centers and the top-level hardware. Besides, JustHost adopts some other technologies, trying to deliver better speed. For instance, the company performs resource protection so that one user’s slowness won’t affect the entire server. A CDN is also utilized, which can help achieve 2x faster speed.

If you run a business for which a fast speed is necessary, you will find JustHost is better because the company needs much shorter time for server responses and page loads. Here are the statistics we have collected.

More prompt technical support

JustHost, managed by a large number of technicians, is able to offer instant support for those troubled users. It has some similarities with ixWebHosting, because with both web hosts, you can:

  • Ask a real expert for help through the helpdesk (by creating a ticket), live chat, or the support phone numbers presented on the official website.
  • Visit the knowledgebase and search the keywords of your issues to get written solutions.
  • View the library of videos to learn about the control panel, PHP, cron jobs, and some other basic hosting topics.

Besides, with JustHost, there is also a getting-started wizard which is quite helpful for beginners who are going to start their first website.

Another difference between the two web hosts is that JustHost responds support requests more quickly. You can enjoy short waiting time that is less than a minute for chats or phone calls, and no more than 4 hours for a ticket.

ixWebHosting VS JustHost – Who Provides Better Services?

We do think the winner is JustHost. The only benefit of choosing ixWebHosting is the multiple website hosting, but the slow speed makes such choice a big no-no. Fast speed is essential for the ranking of any type of website.

In addition, JustHost has a promise of anytime money back, which makes the buyers rest assured that their satisfaction is always guaranteed.