JustHost VS 1and1 – Differences to Note

JustHost and 1and1 are the established hosting providers that offer affordable shared hosting and high-performance VPS and dedicated hosting solutions. There are similarities between their shared hosting, as well as differences.

The similarities include the support for programming features like PHP, Ruby, Perl and Cron Jobs. And the differences are the control panel, price, technical support, and speed.

For all these factors, we have given ratings to show the comparison more clearly. You can read these ratings first, and then read details to know how they are made.

Rating JustHost 1and1
Uptime 5 4
Price 4.5 4
Ease of Use 5 3
Speed 4.5 2.5
Support 4.5 3
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The Similarities You May Want to Know

JustHost and 1and1 are the same competitive in terms of the programming features, uptime and several other factors. You can know what they both offer in the following list.

  • 1-year free domain – Both web hosts offer multiple shared hosting plans, and with each of the plans, you can register a new domain without paying the first year’s registration fee.
  • 1-click installer – Both web hosts provide 1-click installation for all popular scripts including the latest stable version of Drupal.
  • Programming features – PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, Ruby, SSI, Cron Jobs, Zend Framework and SSH.
  • 30-day full refund – JustHost and 1and1 guarantee full refunds within 30 days after the order is placed. The former, however, also allows you to ask for a pro-rated refund at any time, not restricted to a month.
  • 99.9% uptime – JustHost and 1and1 are the providers with a reliable and secure web hosting environment. With their investment in the data centers and network infrastructure, such as adopting multiple power sources, providing multiple network connections and utilizing advanced cooling technology, they can reach the goal of 99.9% service uptime in our monitoring. Below is the evidence for JustHost.

The Differences Between JustHost and 1and1 That Need Notice

As we have mentioned that the differences between JustHost and 1and1 lie in the speed, control panel, price and support, we will analyze them one by one to help you make the decision.

Control panel

Control panel is an important thing to consider since it determines how you can access the files on your server, create email accounts, manage domains, set up the DNS, view the server statistics, and do many other things. However, the two web hosts provide different control panels.

  • JustHost offers cPanel, the best choice in the industry. Its graphic interface and the easy-to-use features are great for beginners.
  • 1and1 has developed a custom web hosting control panel which is also feature rich. However, it makes the future website transfer harder, and you may feel not good if you have been used to the cPanel interface.

Shared hosting cost

JustHost currently provides 3 plans for customers to scale. The regular prices start from $9.49/mo to $14.99/mo, and the newcomers are able to get a discount for $3.49/mo to $6.95/mo by clicking the promo link below. Such prices are valid for 3-year terms, and advanced freebies like $200 marketing credits, domain privacy and SpamExperts are included in the most expensive plan.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

1and1 is now promoting the Basic plan with a huge discount. With the regular price starting at $7.99/mo, Basic can be purchased at $0.99/mo only for the first year. The special rates of the other two plans are $4.99/mo and $8.99/mo respectively.

The 1and1 Basic plan is cheap for those who want a time to try. However, if you prefer to save the most by signing up a long-term contract, JustHost is the cheaper choice. For example, a 3-year term with JustHost Basic plan costs $125.64, while hosting 3 years with 1and1 Basic plan costs $203.64.

With such costs, you may need to pay attention to the server resources in the two companies’ Basic plans.

  • JustHost Basic: 1 website, 50 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 email accounts and 20 MySQL/PostgreSQL databases. Weebly website builder is available for free.
  • 1and1 Basic: 1 website, 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 25 email accounts and 25 MySQL databases. PostgreSQL is not supported, and there is no free website builder.

Hosting speed

The performance monitoring indicates that JustHost is able to provide a fast hosting environment with fast server responses and network connections. The test results for 1and1, however, are not that satisfying, which shows much longer page loading time.

Both JustHost and 1and1 use high-performance servers, but the former also customizes and upgrades the servers frequently. Besides, JustHost provides free CDN for every customer, while 1and1 makes it a paid option.

Now we’d like to show the comparison of the two web hosts’ server response time.

Technical support

JustHost and 1and1 have many similarities in the support resources, but there are also some differences. They both have a help center where hundreds of tutorials are written with professional knowledge and patience. Beginners can learn a lot there, such as installing SSL certificates, setting up SSH, managing emails, and transferring domains.

Besides, you need to know the following facts in terms of the two web hosts’ technical support.

  • They both have support staff ready to answer questions via phone.
  • They have a ticket system where you can open tickets for complex issues.
  • JustHost also offers support via live chat, while 1and1 doesn’t.
  • Generally speaking, JustHost support staff spends less time investigating problems and making a reply to tickets. The waiting time for chats and phone calls is usually under 2 minutes.

Conclusion – JustHost Is Better to Try

Regarding the service reliability, both JustHost and 1and1 are good choices. However, JustHost is indeed better when you have to consider the hosting speed, technical support and control panel. Since there is no big gap between the costs of going with the two web hosts, we’d suggest you try JustHost shared hosting which is of higher quality.