JustHost VS Fatcow – Shared Hosting Comparison For Drupal

Both JustHost and Fatcow are reputable hosting providers. They have been dedicated to offering economical and reliable hosting solutions for small-sized businesses and individuals. Since their inception, the two companies have served a large number of Drupal-powered websites.

By these facts, many webmasters are facing the dilemma of which company they should go. Therefore, in this JustHost vs Fatcow comparison, we are going to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of both companies regarding the price, features, reliability, performance, and technical support to help readers figure out which company provides better Drupal hosting services.

Based on our real experiences and numerous webmasters’ feedbacks, this comparison focuses on the shared hosting packages of the two companies.

Rating JustHost Fatcow
Reputation 5 3
Feature 4.5 2.5
Speed 4.5 2.5
Reliability 4.5 3
Technical Support 5 3
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Hosting Packages & Prices – JustHost Wins

JustHost provides three hosting plans for Drupal hosting, namely, Basic, Plus, and Business Pro. These hosting plans are priced at $5.99/mo, $9.99/mo, and $19.99/mo in regular. The company now is offering different amounts of discounts, which range from 50% to 58%. With these discounts, the plans’ prices are dropped down to $2.5/mo, $4.5/mo, and $9.95/mo respectively.

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For Drupal hosting, Fatcow offers an all-in-one hosting plan, which is priced at $49/year, roughly $4.08/mo. However, this promotional price is available to new users during their initial terms only. After that, Fatcow will renew this plan at regular rates that are detailed as follows.

  • 1-month term: $12.95/mo
  • 12-month term: $12.95/mo
  • 24-month term: $11.95/mo
  • 36-month: $10.95/mo

Both companies provide a 30-day money back guarantee, during which users who are not satisfied with their hosting services receive a full refund without any questions asked. It is a common situation that this refund excludes domain registration fees, setup fees, and the fees that users have spent for additional services.

Drupal Hosting Features – JustHost Wins

Generally speaking, features available with the two companies’ hosting plans are fairly rich. Both JustHost and Fatcow are 100% compatible with Drupal by providing the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

Also, they include multiple freebies with each hosting plan, including free setup, free site builder, a domain name that is free for one year, and $200 in all marketing credits.

However, when compared more extensively, we find that JustHost wins slightly over Fatcow. To make it more intuitive for understanding, we have worked out the following table that details the common points as well as differences between the two companies’ hosting features.

Feature JustHost Fatcow
Plan in View Plus All-in-One
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unmetered Unmetered
Data Transfer Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
PHP5 & MySQL5 Yes Yes
Perl/Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails yes No
Custom Cronjobs yes No
SSH yes No
Original Price $9.99/mo $10.95/mo
Discount 55% off 63% off
Discounted Price $4.5/mo $4.08/mo
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Besides the features mentioned above, JustHost and Fatcow differ in the adoption of control panels. The former company provides each user with cPanel to manage their websites and hosting accounts. Also, this control panel is integrated with SimpleScripts, with which even beginners will find it’s easy enough to install multiple popular applications like Drupal.

In contrast, Fatcow offers a customized control panel with multiple application installation wizards. This control panel is powerful yet to some extent inferior to that of JustHost in terms of ease of use and functionality.

Uptime & Speed – JustHost Wins

Both JustHost and Fatcow have kept a commitment to provide 99.9% uptime for Drupal hosting. To convey their words into real practices, they have made continuous efforts.

JustHost utilizes a world-class data center that is located in Chicago, Illinois. This data center is equipped with multiple robust facilities, including a UPS and a diesel generator backup power. Besides, technicians are performing round-the-clock monitoring on the network and system in case of any issues.

With the help of high-quality servers and the robust data center, JustHost has done a great job in guaranteeing a reliable hosting environment. According to our monitoring results, the company has achieved an average of 99.99% uptime. Please check the below chart for more detailed statistics.

When it comes to Fatcow, this company provides averagely 99.95% uptime in the past thirty days. The realization of this excellent uptime is credited with its utilization of top-notch servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and solid network infrastructures. The following chart displays more detailed statistics about the company’s uptime.

As for performance, JustHost has cast its rival into the shade. As shown in the following statistic chart, it takes JustHost only 366ms in average for responding to a server request. By contrast, Fatcow server response time is nearly 700ms.

Technical Support – Both Are Responsive

Providing excellent technical support is one of the indispensable qualities of a reputable web host, and that’s exactly what JustHost and Fatcow are working on. On the basis of our comprehensive investigation, both companies have spared no efforts in getting their users in good hands.

Technical SupportBoth companies provide all needed channels that are available around the clock, including the live chat, phone call, and email. Backed by many experienced support representatives, users who have any problems are able to get professional assistance in a prompt manner.

Besides, engineers of the two companies have worked out numerous hosting related articles, such as guides and tutorials, which are available in the knowledgebase section. With the help of these helpful materials, beginners are able to start their website adventures quickly and smoothly.

Conclusion – JustHost Is A Better Choice

From this in-depth JustHost vs Fatcow comparison, it is clear that JustHost is a better choice for Drupal hosting. Despite the fact that both companies provide responsive technical support, JustHost is superior to Fatcow for the cost-effective hosting plans, stable uptime, and fast speed.

JustHost is awarded as one of the top 10 Drupal web hosts by a large number of experienced editors and webmasters. Also, it enjoys a high satisfaction rate among hundreds of verified users. As a result, we sincerely recommend this company for those small business owners and individuals who desire a reliable Drupal hosting provider on a small budget.