JustHost VS GoDaddy – Which Is Better for Hosting a Basic Drupal Site?

JustHost and GoDaddy are well-known names among the numerous web hosting providers offering support for Drupal. Both of them are fully compatible with Drupal 6/7/8.

This comparison is aimed at figuring out which web host has the better offering for Drupal beginners who want to start a simple website quickly. Considering this purpose, we selected JustHost Basic plan and GoDaddy Economy plan for monitoring and comparison.

What Do They Share in Common?

JustHost and GoDaddy are quite different in some aspects like pricing and performance, but they are very similar to each other in the following factors.

Web hosting features

JustHost Basic and GoDaddy Economy come with almost the same features. Both of them allow hosting 1 domain on 1 hosting account, and they include:

  • cPanel control panel with a 1-click Drupal installer.
  • Security features: shared SSL, SSH & daily backups.
  • A free domain for annual billing users.

The resources included in the plans are as the table below.

Feature JustHost GoDaddy
Plan in Comparison Basic Economy
Disk Space 100 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains 25 25
Email Accounts 100 100
Email Storage 500 MB Per Account 100 MB


JustHost and GoDaddy are both reliable. They operate their own data centers and perform 24×7 monitoring conducted by dedicated management teams. Backed by UPS, backup generators and a complete security system, they have been delivering excellent uptime for shared hosting – averaging more than 99.9% in the past year. See the uptime monitoring for the past 30 days in below.

JustHost uptime:

GoDaddy uptime:

Phone and email support

Both web hosts offer support through email and phone. To test the waiting time and quality, we have tried each method for at least 5 times in the past month. The results show that the providers can match each other in the response time as well as the accuracy of answers.

For tickets, JustHost and GoDaddy can always make a response within 4 hours, and for phone calls, the waiting time is no more than 2 minutes. There was only one accident that we called GoDaddy support team and found that the representative had a strong Indian accent.

JustHost Edges over GoDaddy

Compared with GoDaddy which was started as a domain registrar, JustHost is more focused – established as a web hosting provider. With 7 years’ engagement in web hosting, JustHost has the following advantages over its competitor.

More affordable price

The original price of GoDaddy Economy is $6.99/mo, and the discounted price is $4.99/mo. In comparison, Basic is priced from $5.99/mo regularly, and it is now available at a low price of $2.5/mo for new customers signing up through the promotional link below. For the initial term, using Basic is half the cost of Economy.

With the cost of $2.5/mo, you can get all the features discussed before, as well as a free domain and $50 advertising credits.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

More favorable refund policy

JustHost guarantees 30-day full refund and GoDaddy promises 45 days. It seems that the offering of GoDaddy is more risk-free, but if you dig into the detailed terms, you can find that the result is reverse.

With JustHost, you can:

  • Receive a full refund within 30 calendar days.
  • Receive a pro-rated refund for the unused months if the cancellation is given after 30 days.

For GoDaddy, more restrictions apply. You should know:

  • 45-day refund is only suitable for users of annual plans (the billing cycle is longer than 12 months).
  • Users of monthly plans (shorter than 12 months) can only ask for a full refund within 48 hours.
  • Pro-rated refund can only be requested in the format of in-store credits which can be used for purchases with GoDaddy.

Faster speed

GoDaddy has always encountered speed issues. Although this web host has made many improvements in recent years, our site hosted on a shared server can still be unbelievably slow occasionally.

JustHost performs much better. By utilizing the data center facilities and network infrastructure of BlueHost, it has been delivering faster-than-average server response and page loads. Or at least the speed is quite stable.

Read the chart below for a quick comparison of the web hosts’ server response speed.

Better live chat support

Since the very start of the web hosting business, JustHost has been offering live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The reliable and prompt live chat is an important factor for the good reputation of JustHost customer support.

In terms of GoDaddy, live chat is a new support method which does not seem to be available for everyone at present. No entry for live chat is offered on the homepage, and for every time we visit the GoDaddy website, the chat is offline.

GoDaddy Edges over JustHost

GoDaddy has also been offering hosting services for years. Below are its advantages compared with JustHost.

Upgradable resources

Now GoDaddy levels up the flexibility of its web hosting plans by allowing the upgrade of CPU, RAM and I/O. When you are close to the default limits, you will be notified for an upgrade. Additional fees are charged, of course.

CloudLinux operating system with CageFS

GoDaddy shared servers are installed with CloudLinux operating system in order to keep a high level of stability and security. The utilization of CageFS further improves the security of servers by keeping each account in its own “cage”.

Which Is Better for Hosting a Basic Drupal Site?

If you are serious about the cost, speed and support, JustHost should be the better option. Paying $2.5/mo, you can get Drupal installed and configured within minutes on your own domain. Even if there is dissatisfaction, you are able to ask for a refund at any time.