JustHost VS InMotion Hosting – Drupal Hosting Comparison

JustHost and InMotion are among the leading hosting providers offering full support to Drupal. But depending on your requirements and business goals, you might be able to choose one that serves your needs better.

JustHost, founded in 2008, is now gaining increasing popularity due to the good reputation. Being 7-year older than JustHost, InMotion is one of the top recommended hosting choices on Drupal.org.

This comparison is made to offer details about the web hosts’ Drupal hosting solutions. To make the competition fair enough, we select JustHost Plus plan to compare with InMotion Power as the 2 plans have similar prices. Common points and differences are both presented.

What You Can Expect from Both of JustHost and InMotion

The largest emphasis of both JustHost and InMotion is on shared hosting, so they have tried hard to improve their shared hosting solutions so as to deliver better using experience. No matter which web host you choose, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Rich website management and development features

JustHost and InMotion can ensure 100% Drupal compatibility by offering some of the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL. And for the installation of Drupal, the whole process is automated by the 1-click installers – JustHost SimpleScripts or InMotion Softaculous.

The management of accounts and websites, such as billing information, databases, files and website stats, is well backed by cPanel, the recognized #1 Linux web hosting control panel.

Besides, you have access to all of the following features.

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth & email accounts.
  • Multiple scripting languages including Perl, Python & Ruby.
  • Secure remote connections and management with SSH.

Beneficial extras

Both of the Plus plan and Power plan include a number of free features which not only help save money but also encourage you to try some promotion services.

  • JustHost Plus: 1 free domain for the first year, $100 Google AdWords credits & $100 Bing ads credits.
  • InMotion Power: A total of $250 marketing credits for Google, Yahoo, Bing & YP.com listing.

Besides, both plans contain free data backups, which adds an extra layer to your website security.

Safe emails

JustHost gives support to IMAP. In addition, the company provides Plus users with 1 SpamExperts, a professional anti-spam filtering solution. So you can stay away from common spam and viruses.

InMotion has been an official McAfee partner. Besides delivering complete Internet security and virus protection, the services can also protect you against most email viruses. Also, InMotion keeps performing real-time spam filtering, and you are even allowed to configure the filtering by yourself.

Outstanding reliability

Uptime is key to the success of online businesses. To ensure the best possible reliability, JustHost conducts 24×7 server and network monitoring, so that even if an issue arises in the midnight, it can be detected and addressed immediately. According to our monitoring, JustHost has fulfilled its promise of 99.9% uptime in 11 of the 12 months of the past year.

InMotion provides constantly accessible services, too. The quality Dell servers, UPS power system, backup power sources and multi-homed network all make sure that you can enjoy excellent server and network uptime. Our monitoring shows that the average uptime of InMotion in the past 2 years is 99.94%. Read the real-time uptime statistics in below.

Around-the-clock support

Both of JustHost and InMotion offer 24×7 customer service and technical support through multiple communication channels. You can make a free choice among live chat, ticket system and phone based on your preference. The 2 companies have maintained a team of staff who are knowledgeable about web hosting and popular open source scripts including Drupal. Our experience has approved that.

Of course, if you prefer a self-help solution, there are also resources for you:

  • An extensive knowledgebase with more than 700 helpful articles covering both basic and advanced topics.
  • Video tutorials for simple tasks like setting up an email account and making a transfer between web hosts.

Except for all the similarities discussed above, JustHost and InMotion also have many differences in their offerings. Now we will present their advantages over each other to help you make the final decision.

JustHost Edges over InMotion

JustHost offers 3 shared hosting plans all of which are compatible with Drupal. The Plus plan is priced from $9.99/mo regularly, while you can claim a 55% discount by signing up through the promotional link below. The effective price is reduced to $4.5/mo. The primary plan, which allows hosting a single domain, is now available at $2.5/mo.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

Compared with InMotion Power plan, Plus has the following advantages.

More websites are allowed to host on one account

With InMotion Power, you can host a maximum of 6 websites on one account, which is enough for most bloggers and business owners, but still could be a limitation. On the contrary, Plus allows you to host unlimited domains, so you can add as many domains as you want on the same account.

More hosting resources

Using Plus, you can create unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, park unlimited domains to your account, and create unlimited sub-domains. However, Power comes with strict limits.

Power plan comes with maximum 50 databases in total for MySQL and PostgreSQL. As for parked domains and sub-domains, the number of the former is limited to 26 and that for the latter is no more than 100.

Anytime money back guarantee

JustHost offers a favorable refund guarantee. If you terminate your account within the initial 30 days, you are entitled to a refund of all hosting fees. For cancellations occurring after 30 days, no matter before or after the automatic renewal, a pro-rated refund of hosting fees will be issued.

InMotion Edges over JustHost

InMotion, as a more experienced hosting provider, has been enhancing its reliability unceasingly. The Power plan wins over JustHost Plus plan mainly in the following aspects.

Slightly cheaper price

The regular price of Power starts from $9.99/mo, and now you can get up to 55% discount for $4.49/mo when making a subscription through the promotional link below.

It seems that these prices are very similar to the ones of Plus. But you should know that the prices of Power mentioned here are for the 24-month subscription. For JustHost Plus, 24-month term charges $10.99/mo regularly and $4.95/mo after being discounted, which makes the plan slightly more expensive.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Safe application rollback
This is a feature unique to InMotion users. It allows Drupal users to roll back to the previous version if the updated version causes troubles to the site content, plugins or site design. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of the plugins and themes you are using.

Faster speed

InMotion owns and operates 2 data centers each of which is equipped with Dell servers and connected to multiple bandwidth providers through BGP. Also, the company has replaced the storage device of all shared servers with SSDs. These should be the main reasons why InMotion is among the fastest web hosts.

Our monitoring shows that InMotion is much faster than JustHost in both server response and page loads. Read the chart below for recent results of the monitoring for server response speed.

Better community support

InMotion has prepared special education channels for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 offering detailed written tutorials for most of the commonly seen issues ranging from administrator login to error logs. Also, there is a community where you can post issues or answer others’ questions. For most questions, InMotion staff will offer an answer within 2 hours (some even within minutes).

Longer full refund

InMotion offers a 90-day full refund guarantee which is an industry-leading standard. With this guarantee, you can rest assured that InMotion cares about your satisfaction and experience.

Which to Choose – JustHost or InMotion?

You may have made your decision. If not, here are our suggestions:

  • If you want to host multiple small websites with large demands on sub-domains or databases, go with JustHost through this promotional link.
  • If you desire reliable and super fast hosting for Drupal development or online businesses, go with InMotion through this promotional link.