JustHost vs NameCheap on Cheap Hosting Solution

With the goal to select a cheap hosting solution, JustHost and NameCheap may be at the top of your shopping list. At the same time, however, you will not compromise on the quality of hosting service which is crucial for the growth of your website. It is quite time-consuming for you to investigate whether the cheap hosting solution comes with good hosting environment and professional customer service. Since we have rich experience in reviewing web hosts, we are willing to help you make a clear decision. We sincerely hope that you can find a way under the guidance of the JustHost vs NameCheap comparison which contains an overall rating table for you to have a quick view and the detailed information for you to better understand the marks.

Rating JustHost NameCheap
Price 4.5 5
Uptime 5 4.5
Feature 5 3
Speed 4.5 3
Support 4.5 3.5
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JustHost vs NameCheap – Similarities

To start with, we would like to have a discussion on the similarities between JustHost and NameCheap. To be honest, they are good options when it comes to the scalability, charges, and reliability.

Multiple hosting services

Both web hosts give you much freedom to upgrade or downgrade your package. When the shared hosting solution cannot satisfy your needs, you are free to continue your hosting journey with the VPS and dedicated hosting service. It is worth mentioning that NameCheap also opens the domain service, reseller hosting, and more to the public.

Affordable hosting fees

To survive in the industry, JustHost and NameCheap charge you for affordable hosting fees which will not add a burden to the budget.It is good for JustHost to set the lowest price at $3.49/mo which can be accessed with the promotional link. However, NameCheap leaves us a deeper impression because the start price is only $0.82/mo.

Note that the NameCheap introductory offers are only valid for the first 12 months in your subscription. After that time, you will be required to pay as low as $3.24/mo which is still competitive enough in the hosting field. Things will be different with JustHost who fixes the special prices for the first term (1/12/24/36 months).

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High hosting reliability

As a webmaster, it is important for you to make sure that your website is accessible by readers at any time. From this perspective, you cannot ignore whether you can get a reliable hosting environment. A piece of good news is that JustHost and NameCheap can deliver a better than 99.9% uptime, living up to your expectations for the high hosting reliability. Below is what uptime JustHost achieved in the past 30 days.

There is a close relationship between the achievements and solid hosting infrastructures. Both web hosts have invested a lot to create stable data centers and provide quality servers. The data centers come with UPS, on-site monitoring, security guards, etc. and the servers consist of Dell branded components.

JustHost Edges over NameCheap

An obvious conclusion can be drawn from the rating table that JustHost is superior to NameCheap with regards to the feature, speed, and technical support. From now on, we will take a close look at the edges JustHost has over NameCheap.

More free extras

Based on your business size and budget, you are free to choose a proper hosting solution which can meet your requirements on disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and many other server resources. A warning is that the NameCheap minimum plan probably fails to meet your needs for disk space (ONLY 20 GB).

What’s more, it is JustHost that includes more free extras with all the shared hosting solutions, such as a free domain name, 30-day full refund, free phone support, etc. As a result, you will save some money and much time to create a website.

Feature JustHost NameCheap
Money Back 30 Days 14 Days
Free Domain Yes No
Phone Support Yes No
Instant Setup Yes Yes
Script Installer Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
Spam Prevention Yes Yes
Conclusion Recommended

Much shorter server response time

In addition, our monitoring tells that the server response time of JustHost (about 370ms) is 63% shorter than that of NameCheap (about 600ms) in the past month. The good result of JustHost mainly attributes to the below efforts.

  • CDN can shorten the distance between servers and visitors.
  • Multiple data centers are located on a global basis (US, UK, and CA).
  • JustHost does not overload accounts on each server.

More contact methods

Both web hosts are not exceptions who make a public commitment to the 24/7 technical support. When faced with errors, you can either find solutions from the knowledgebase or ask for a help from the support team.

Admittedly, both web hosts have developed an extensive knowledgebase for your reference. If you in want of real-person help, however, JustHost provides more contact methods because it not only answers questions through chat box and ticket system but also makes responses through phone calls. In this way, it is more convenient for you to contact JustHost because NameCheap does not enable phone support.

Final Verdict

At this moment, it is not surprising that we recommend JustHost more because we have not found enough reasons why you should give preference to the competitor. JustHost is the better choice who enables you to start a new hosting journey with a cost-effective hosting solution, good hosting environment, and considerate technical support.