JustHost VS SiteGround on Shared Web Hosting

JustHost and SiteGround are two of the reputed Linux hosting providers in the US. They have enjoyed a good reputation due to the stable and reliable hosting servers as well as the professional after-sale support. But when it comes to the choice between them, you should learn their differences first so that you can finally buy a plan you want most.

According to monitoring and analyses, JustHost and SiteGround are both good in the ease of use and service reliability, but the former wins in the price, refund guarantee, and speed. In below, we will show the details that you can count on.

The following ratings should also help to locate your choice.

Rating JustHost SiteGround
Price 4.5 3
Features 4.5 3.5
Uptime 5 4
Support 5 4
Speed 5 3
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Their Common Competitive Edges

Being two popular hosting providers, JustHost and SiteGround share some similarities in the service uptime, technical support and website management.

Easy website setup and management

Both of the two web hosts offer a number of useful tools to make it easier to get a website set up and managed properly. These tools include:

  • A premium website builder with free or DIY templates built in.
  • The cPanel control panel which allows users to manage domains, files, databases and more without touching complicated lines of code.
  • A simple script installer that enables you to install hundreds of scripts and update them easily.

99.9% uptime

Since most users speak highly of the reliability of JustHost and SiteGround, we have monitored their uptime personally. As a result, we came to the conclusion that they are successful in keeping the promise of 99.9% uptime. For example, below is the uptime of JustHost in these days.

In order to make their hosting services reliable, both web hosts:

  • Supply redundant power to all their data centers. Besides, sufficient backup power is also offered, including backup power generators.
  • Utilize a highly-available network which features connectivity to several major carriers. Traffic is routed intelligently so that there is always a network available for users.
  • Equip their data centers with 24×7 physical security, advanced firewalls, etc.

Fast technical support

Both of JustHost and SiteGround provide good after-sale support. They allow multiple contact ways, including support tickets, email, phone call and live chat, so it’s convenient for you to get in touch with an expert.

What’s more important is that their support team is quite professional, according to our experiences of trying all the contact ways. The support agents answer questions patiently and accurately, and you don’t have to wait long before getting a reply in the ticket system.

Besides, there are many online resources prepared for you to seek solutions to the simple questions.

JustHost Advantages over SiteGround

As mentioned before, JustHost is better than SiteGround in price, feature and speed no matter you want to host a personal blog or an online shop. Here are the reasons.

Cheaper hosting fees

Taking a rough look at the plans offered by the two web hosts and their prices, you may think that there is no winner. JustHost Basic plan is priced from $3.49/mo, and SiteGround StartUp plan is available from $3.95/mo. However, when the renewal price and other factors are considered, JustHost actually wins a lot.

JustHost web hosting plans are now available from $3.49/mo to $6.95/mo. With the most expensive Prime plan, you are able to get unlimited resources, as well as $200 free marketing credits, free domain privacy, advanced backups and SpamExperts. The renewal prices of the plans are also affordable, starting from $9.49/mo to $14.99/mo.

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SiteGround plans are now promoted with the prices from $3.95/mo to $14.95/mo, while the renewals charge $9.95/mo to $29.95/mo. According to our reviews, the renewal costs are much too high, especially for GoGeek plan which is expensive while not coming with many advanced features.

Anytime refund guarantee

Both JustHost and SiteGround provide full refunds to those who submit the cancellation and refund request within the first 30 days after signup. How JustHost does better is that this web host also promises a pro-rated refund of the unused months if you cancel the service after the full-refund period. This means you are always backed up.

More hosting features

It is appreciated that the two web hosts offer many useful features to cover all types of users’ demands. These features include the commonly used programming language like PHP, Python and Perl, email addresses, website backups, sub-domains, and free domain name. Besides, MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported as two database engine choices.

Still, there are some differences that you can see in the table below.

Feature JustHost SiteGround
Plan Basic StartUp
Hosted Domain 1 1
Disk Space 50 GB 10 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain 1 1
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Free Backup Yes 1 Copy
Ruby on Rails Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Regular Price $9.49/mo $9.95/mo
Discount 63% 60%
Discounted Price $3.49/mo $3.95/mo
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Faster speed

Thanks to the two hosting providers’ efforts in improving their technologies and upgrading the equipment, you can experience fast page loads no matter which web host you choose. According to monitoring, their server responses and page loads are faster than the average.

With custom-built servers, optimized Linux kernel and CDN, JustHost has always been fast. SiteGround was a little slow, but it now has fast servers and network, too. The difference is that JustHost still beats its competitor with server response time averaging no more than 400ms which is shorter than the 600ms of SiteGround.

Conclusion: JustHost Is the Winner

Compared with SiteGround, JustHost provides faster and more feature-rich hosting plans at lower prices, so we’d select it as the winner of the competition. Besides, with the anytime refund guarantee, you are able to try JustHost plans and test the performance risk-freely.