Lunarpages VS BlueHost – Web Hosting Comparison

For those who hang between Lunarpages and BlueHost, they are able to get a shared hosting plan from a reliable hosting provider by reading this comparison. Based on the investigation, the Lunarpages vs BlueHost will touch upon the major concerns in a comprehensive way. To begin with, we would like to share an unbiased rating table with webmasters who need a quick view on the two web hosts.

As popular hosting providers on the market, Lunarpages and BlueHost have accumulated a great number of webmasters for more than 10 years. BlueHost, a latecomer, is able to catch up with Lunarpages due to the painstaking efforts. In the following text, we will make a detailed comparison between Lunarpages and BlueHost.

Rating Lunarpages BlueHost
Price & Feature 2 4.5
Uptime 4 5
Speed 3 4.5
Support 3.5 5
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Lunarpages VS BlueHost on Plan

Targeting at individuals and small businesses, Lunarpages and BlueHost have launched 2 or 3 Linux shared hosting solutions. As a whole, Lunarpages is inferior to BlueHost because there are some hidden fees for the Lunarpages solutions which seem to start at a lower price.

For unlimited server resources, webmasters need to pay as low as $4.95/mo for the Basic Hosting from Lunarpages and such features are charged at least $5.45/mo for the Plus and Prime plans from BlueHost. The slightly higher price of BlueHost – $5.45/mo – is covered with a 1-year free domain name, free cPanel control panel, $200 marketing offers, and Shell Access while Lunarpages requires webmasters to pay $2/mo for Shell Access and $2/mo for cPanel.

In fact, Lunarpages and BlueHost have some in common. Such as, both provide a 1-click script installer, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc. and both allow webmasters to receive a full refund within 30 days and offer no refunds for cancellations that occur after that time, which means that webmasters should make up their mind within 30 days to reduce the losses. The refund policy does not apply to add-on service and the domain fee.

The BlueHost Basic plan which starts at $2.95/mo is perfect to run a personal blog. For unlimited server resources, there are Plus Plan and Prime Plan which are now set at the same price from $5.45/mo. However, webmasters need to pay a little higher price for the Prime Plan in the regular time.

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Lunarpages VS BlueHost on Uptime

To be honest, Lunarpages and BlueHost spare no efforts to guarantee their servers run smoothly so as to protect the web presence of webmasters. As a result, both have achieved better than 99.9% hosting uptime. If there must be a winner, BlueHost will be that one because we have found out that BlueHost is able to guarantee nearly 100% hosting uptime. We will take a close look at what efforts Lunarpages and BlueHost have made.


In order to shape a secure and reliable hosting environment, Lunarpages houses 100% DELL servers in 8 top-tier data centers which are located across the US and equipped with well-trained personnel, 24/7 security services, multi-tier redundant power systems, and diesel generators.


In order to create a safer and better web for webmasters, BlueHost not only has purchased many advanced facilities but also has spent much energy in designing some custom software. All the hardware and software work together to serve for the 3 data centers. What’s more, the technicians are ready to fix any issues which happen to the network.

Lunarpages VS BlueHost on Speed

For those who run a business site, they need a short server response time which is closely related with the conversion rate. According to the below chart, Lunarpages fails to achieve that while BlueHost is able to deliver a fast speed with the help of Cisco switches. In detail, BlueHost (about 320ms) is more than 150% faster than Lunarpages (about 830ms).

Lunarpages VS BlueHost on Support

Certainly, not all are experts who know very well about web hosting. Therefore, it is necessary for hosting providers to bring the online vision to life. Webmasters should be comforted that Lunarpages and BlueHost claim in-house customer service at any time. When faced with issues, they can contact a real person in the most convenient way.

For general inquiries, live chat is the best way to get a quick answer. For complicated issues, ticket is a better way for webmasters to express their situation. There are some instances when the technicians also need time to explore the solutions. For those who speak fluent English, they are free to make use of the phone number.

Being responsible for our readers, we also check whether Lunarpages and BlueHost are able to provide a quality customer service. Clicking on the Live Chat button on their official site, we get quicker and more helpful answers from BlueHost. From this perspective, BlueHost attaches a greater importance to the technical support.

BlueHost Is a Better Shared Hosting Provider

Though Lunarpages has accumulated rich experience in the hosting field, it is far from an ideal choice due to the expensive plan, limited features, and slow speed. When turning eyes towards BlueHost, webmasters will be happy because BlueHost lives up to their expectations.