Media Temple VS GoDaddy on Shared Hosting

Media Temple is a hosting provider that has been concentrating on offering hosting services for professionals and businesses. GoDaddy, as a well-known domain registrar and web hosting provider, has a wide product range for various types of needs.

In Oct 2013, GoDaddy acquired Media Temple to accelerate its expansion to business hosting. As is promised, Media Temple keeps being operated independently, but since the acquisition, we, as well as many of its customers, have indeed seen a decline in the service quality. There is more downtime, and the technical support is not as helpful as before.

This comparison will figure out which brand now has better shared hosting plans. The price, performance, support and hosting features are all considered.

Rating Media Temple GoDaddy
Price 2 4
Uptime 3.5 4
Speed 3 2.5
Feature 3 3
Support 3.5 3
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Media Temple Advantage – Worry-Free Service for Professionals

Since Media Temple has been focusing on the high-end users, its hosting services are both flexible and powerful with a good user experience guaranteed. With this web host, you can get the following things.

  • The hosting provider handles the software updates.
  • The company keeps 30 days of daily backup copies for you.
  • 20 popular apps including Drupal are optimized and can be managed easily. Auto updates are also supported.
  • The security is fully managed.

GoDaddy also offers most of these things, but it doesn’t provide free automated backups, or application optimization.

GoDaddy Advantage – Cheaper Solutions for Beginners

As Media Temple provides premium web hosting, it charges much higher hosting fees than the industry average. Its three shared plans, Personal, Pro and Elite, are priced at $20/mo, $30/mo and $60/mo. Monthly and yearly terms are available for choosing. But to be honest, the prices are expensive because an affordable VPS needs about $20/mo only.

GoDaddy provides much cheaper plans. With different server resources included, the three plans charge $7.99/mo – $16.99/mo regularly, and now they cost $3.99/mo – $7.99/mo only because up to 54% discounts are available for new customers. But note that the prices should be higher if you choose the monthly billing cycle.

In all plans, GoDaddy offers a free domain name. This domain is free for the initial billing term, but when you renew the hosting plan, you have to renew the domain, too.

The Similarities

There are many similarities between Media Temple and GoDaddy. Some are their common advantages, such as the favorable uptime, and some others are the common disadvantages existing in their shared hosting services.

The same advantage – good uptime

It is uncertain whether Media Temple and GoDaddy share the same facilities, but the two web hosts indeed provide the same good uptime which averages over 99.9% on the yearly basis. Pay attention that neither of them promises refunds for failures of 99.9% uptime. Besides, Media Temple has been receiving complaints about downtime in recent years.

To get details about how they perform, you can check the following records of GoDaddy which are collected by our expert monitoring system.

Both are not feature-rich enough

Media Temple and GoDaddy don’t offer unlimited server resources in order to guarantee the performance. However, some of the resources are quite limited. For example, GoDaddy cheapest Economy plan includes 1 email account only. More details are provided below.

  • Media Temple Personal: $20/mo, 100 sites, 20 GB disk storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 databases, and 1000 email accounts.
  • GoDaddy Economy: Starting at $3.99/mo, 1 site, 100 GB disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, 10 databases, and 1 email accounts.

Besides, both web hosts have installed useful software on their shared servers, such as PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL. Also, Media Temple offers Git and SVN for experienced users. Note that Media Temple supports PHP 7, while GoDaddy only supports 5.4-5.6. Neither of them makes Ruby on Rails available.

For account management, GoDaddy offers the easy-to-use cPanel which comes with an intuitive interface. In this control panel, there is a file manager, site statistics, database manager, and more.

Media Temple doesn’t use a third-party control panel, and instead, it has developed its own which is named Grid Account Center. This control panel has a responsive design, contact management tools, and a file manager. It is easy-to-use, too, but the popularity is a big downside. If you want to transfer your website away from Media Temple one day, you will meet a lot of troubles because you cannot use the simple cPanel-to-cPanel transfer process.

Both are not fast

Media Temple and GoDaddy try to improve the performance of their shared hosting services by purchasing branded servers, building a well-connected network, and restricting the resources each user consumes. Besides, the former also adopts CDN and supplies private MySQL container.

However, the monitoring outcomes tell that neither of the two companies’ services is really fast. It takes over 500ms for Media Temple servers to make a response, and the time consumed by GoDaddy servers is usually 700ms or longer. Media Temple is not slow, but it is not fast enough considering the cost of its plans.

Below are more details about GoDaddy.

Both with limitations in support

Both Media Temple and GoDaddy provide in-house technical support through multiple ways, such as live chat, phone, and support requests submitted in the control panel. Besides, the former also deals with the questions received from Twitter.

However, the following limitations exist which you have to pay attention.

  • All contact channels of Media Temple are available 24×7, but GoDaddy only offers chat support during the business hours.
  • Neither of the two companies provides support via email.
  • Sometimes you have to wait an endless time for Media Temple to respond your tickets.
  • GoDaddy might outsource some of the support services.

Conclusion – Neither Is Recommended

From the comparison, you can see that there are too many drawbacks of going with Media Temple or GoDaddy. The former is expensive, and it doesn’t support cPanel. And the latter is slow, and offers limited features. So as a conclusion, we don’t suggest you choose them.

In fact, there are many leading web hosting providers with shared hosting solutions that are much cheaper than those of Media Temple yet with higher performance than those of GoDaddy. Below are several of the examples.