Media Temple VS HostGator on Shared Hosting

For those who hang between Media Temple and HostGator, they will find a way under the guidance of Media Temple vs HostGator which tries to present an objective comparison on the shared hosting as much as possible. We are not surprised that webmasters add the two web hosts into their shopping lists because both have accumulated rich experience in the hosting field. But is it true that both are good shared hosting providers?

After our investigation, we would like to give an answer: “Not really”, which can be reflected on our rating table below. To put it simply, Media Temple is inferior to HostGator on the server resource, hosting fee, hosting environment, and technical support. Certainly, there are more detailed reasons why we give Media Temple low marks.

Rating Media Temple HostGator
Features 3 4.5
Pricing 2 4.5
Performance 3.5 5
Technical Support 3.5 4.5
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Media Temple VS HostGator on Feature – HostGator Wins

There is a big gap on the feature between Media Temple and HostGator because webmasters have no access to unlimited server resources even if they select the maximum plan from Media Temple while they can enjoy such features even if they select the minimum plan from HostGator. According to the feature table, HostGator also offers some features like SSH which Media Temple does not offer.

In addition, some may fell upset about Media Temple who includes a custom control panel on the shared hosting. When turning their eyes towards HostGator, they will get comforted because they are more familiar with cPanel to handle various hosting services. Indeed, we are also not sure whether the custom control panel can compare with cPanel.

Judging from the refund policy, we have the reason to believe that HostGator is more confident in their hosting service due to the longer refund policy. Therefore, webmasters have the freedom to cancel their account while receiving a full refund within the first 45 days, which means they can take a lower risk to try the HostGator service.

Feature Media Temple HostGator
Plan Personal Hatchling
Website(s) 100 1
Disk Space 20 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 1 TB Unlimited
MySQL Databases 100 Unlimited
Email Accounts 1000 Unlimited
Ad Credits No $200
SSH No Yes
Python Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
CGI Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Control Panel Custom cPanel
Full Refund 30 Days 45 Days
Regular Price $20/mo $6.95/mo
Current Price $20/mo $3.82/mo
Conclusion Recommended

Media Temple VS HostGator on Price – HostGator Wins

Under the Grid solution, there are 3 hosting packages available for the Media Temple users. To our surprise, Media Temple is a web host who dares to set such high prices for the shared hosting which is featured with limited server resources. With no discount, webmasters are required to pay more than $20/mo, $30/mo, and $60/mo for the three packages (Personal, Pro, and Elite). For those who purchase a shared hosting package from Media Temple, they can find a good VPS hosting provider with the same budget.

In comparison, HostGator is much cheaper than Media Temple because the regular prices for the shared hosting plans only start at $6.95/mo and the discounted prices are reduced to $3.82/mo. To be honest, HostGator who comes with good features still has the pricing advantage in the industry.

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Media Temple VS HostGator on Speed – HostGator Wins

So far, we have found no reasons why Media Temple is so crazy about the prices for the shared hosting. With this question in mind, we continue our journey to explore more information about the two web hosts. At this moment, we will have a further discussion on the hosting speed which is critical to a business site. It is nice for Media Temple to integrate SSD into the shared hosting and consume about 470ms to answer the requests, but we find more reasons for the shorter server response time which is achieved by HostGator.

  • The data centers are equipped with Dell-branded servers, CloudFlare CDN, etc.
  • HostGator is able to deliver a faster speed because it also uses the network gear from Cisco and Juniper, and maintains a close relationship with multiple bandwidth providers.
  • The professional workers, just like soldiers, safeguard for a good hosting environment at any time.

Media Temple VS HostGator on Support – HostGator Wins

It is a regret that Media Temple does not offer chat support. For those who want an instant help, they can only contact the support team via phone calls which have high requirement on the spoken English. It does not matter because they can also send emails to Media Temple. In our experience, the support team can make a quick response to our problems through the email channel.

HostGator is able to provide a better customer service because the users are also backed by the chat support which is convenient for them to get a quicker response. Anyway, Media Temple and HostGator leaves a deep impression on us because both are able to answer our problems with satisfying solutions.

Final Verdict – HostGator Is Recommended

Though Media Temple can offer a good hosting environment and a good customer service, it fails to set reasonable prices for the shared hosting, which adds a big burden to the budget. Moreover, the limited features of Media Temple are not worthy of such high prices. As a whole, there is no doubt that HostGator is a better shared hosting provider.