MochaHost VS InMotion Hosting on Shared Hosting

Although having almost the same long history of offering web hosting services, MochaHost and InMotion are quite different in the marketing strategies. The former has been trying to attract new customers with cheap prices, while the latter has been reaching out to a larger audience with great performance and technical support.

If you have got some basic knowledge about the two web hosts, you may be asking yourself these questions: which web host should you go? The cheap one, or the one with higher performance? In our opinion, you’d better not give priority to the price only when selecting a hosting provider. The following ratings and the two web hosts’ special pros/cons will tell you why.

Rating MochaHost InMotion Hosting
Feature 3 4.5
Price 4.5 4
Performance 2.5 5
Technical Support 3 5
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The Similarities Between MochaHost and InMotion

When reading through the official sites of MochaHost and InMotion, you will find that they both provide green hosting services with easy-to-use features and a good refund guarantee.

Green hosting

With a commitment to the environment, both MochaHost and InMotion have been keeping their hosting services green by minimizing the impact on this planet. MochaHost does this by improving the efficiency of its servers, while the latter has built a green data center in Chicago. The efforts they have made are highly appreciated.

cPanel and some other easy-to-use features

In the feature lists of the two companies, all of these things are included, which makes hosting easier.

  • cPanel, the best control panel in the Linux hosting industry.
  • A script installer which supports hundreds of applications. InMotion adopts Softaculous.
  • A premium website builder with outstanding drag and drop capability. Pay attention that this feature is not included in the cheapest plan of MochaHost.

Favorable refund policies

MochaHost provides two refund guarantees which you can choose. One is the normally seen 30-day full refund guarantee, and another is a 180-day risk free guarantee. For the former guarantee, you are able to get full refunds for those cancellations requested within 30 days of signup, and the latter allows you to get a refund of the unused months if you cancel within 180 days.

The InMotion refund guarantee is simpler because this web host promises that all customers cancelling in the first 90 days are entitled to a full refund.

MochaHost Advantage – Cheap Price with Lifetime Discount

In the competition with InMotion, MochaHost maintains an edge in the price. Its plans are priced from $3.95/mo only, and the available discounts can even reduce your costs to $1.95/mo.

The lowest prices are for 3-year contract, and if you choose such a contract, then the discount remains available for a lifetime, which means the renewal fee starts from $1.95/mo, too. For the 3-year contract, the prices of the other two plans are $2.45/mo and $6.21/mo. Other billing terms only come with a one-time discount.

Note that for monthly payments, there is a setup fee of $5. Besides, the free domain is only included in the 1/2-year terms.

The prices of InMotion plans are higher than those of MochaHost plans, but they are still quite affordable on today’s market. With the regular costs starting at $7.99/mo, you are able to enjoy the special price of $3.49/mo with up to 56% discounts available in the following promotional link.

For all plans, InMotion offers free website transfers, free automated data backups and $250 marketing credits which add much value.

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InMotion Advantages over MochaHost

Except for price, InMotion wins over MochaHost in all other critical aspects including speed, uptime, technical support, and feature.

More feature-rich plans

MochaHost plans are cheap, but they are not feature-rich enough. For example, the cheapest Soho plan doesn’t include a website builder, the support for SVN, PostgreSQL, and many other features. Even the Business plan lacks some useful features, too. Below are the details.

Rating MochaHost MochaHost InMotion Hosting
Plan Soho Business Launch
Website(s) 1 Unlimited 2
Disk Space/Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL DBs 50 Unlimited 1
PostgreSQL DBs No No 1
PHP 7 Yes Yes Yes
Python/Perl No Yes Yes
Ruby No Yes Yes
SSH No Restricted Yes
Cron Jobs No Yes Yes
SSDs No No Yes
Current Price $1.95/mo $2.45/mo $3.49/mo
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Better uptime & speed

MochaHost is confident to provide a 100% uptime guarantee and InMotion guarantees 99.9%. However, the facts tell that InMotion is the modest one because its real uptime records can always exceed the guarantee while MochaHost cannot.

In our uptime monitoring, MochaHost even fails 99.9% uptime in some months. However, InMotion usually achieves 99.95% or more, which is shown in the following chart.

As for speed, MochaHost lags much behind InMotion, one of the fastest web hosts on the market. By offering different data center locations, adopting full SSDs on Dell servers, and building a high-performance network, InMotion is over 100% faster than the competitor. Its server responses take no more than 300ms.

Much better technical support

Though both web hosts offer after-sale support via live chat, phone and tickets, there are many differences between their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • MochaHost doesn’t accept calls because it only provides callbacks. InMotion doesn’t set such a limitation.
  • The support staff of InMotion responds all support requests in a short time – 90 seconds for chats and calls, and about an hour for tickets.
  • InMotion maintains the user community well. If you ask questions there, you can get an answer from an expert within minutes. The user community is open to all webmasters including non-customers.

Conclusion – InMotion Is Recommended

InMotion has become one of the major shared hosting providers because of the great performance, responsive support, and highly usable features. The price edge MochaHost gains is not convincing enough for you to go with this web host since it’s probable that you don’t want to sacrifice the things that you need for success.

Backed by the positive user reviews and 90-day refund guarantee, you can make a purchase with InMotion without worrying too much.