NameCheap VS HostMonster on Shared Hosting

There are some instances when you add NameCheap and HostMonster into your shopping list and have no idea about how to make a choice between them. Indeed, it is not an easy job for you to select a proper shared hosting plan because you need to spend much time to have a comprehensive understanding about the two web hosts. Therefore, the NameCheap vs HostMonster comparison will save you much time if you are bothered to collect the information on your own.

We would like to share how we measure the two web hosts on the shared hosting. In our experience, a quality web host has the ability to offer a cost-effective shared hosting solution, guarantee a high uptime, deliver a fast speed, and provide a good customer service. To reveal the fact, we dig into the fact by browsing the official site, keeping a record of the hosting environment, and collecting feedbacks from real users.

Rating NameCheap HostMonster
Prices 4.5 4
Features 3.5 4.5
Uptime 4.5 5
Performance 4 5
Support 4 4.5
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NameCheap Edges over HostMonster – Cheaper Hosting Plans

During our investigation, NameCheap leaves us a deep impression because the starting price for the shared plans is only $0.82/mo and the renewal price for them starts at $3.24/mo. To be honest, the low prices are competitive in the hosting field. Here an attention should be paid that the promotional price is only valid for the initial 12 months on your subscription.

With HostMonster, you can fix your billing cycle at 1/2/3 year according to your budget. The longer you host, the more you save. The best value of $3.95/mo is available for those who sign up for a 3-year contract via this special promotional link. After the first term, you need to pay at least $9.49/mo which is higher than that of NameCheap.

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HostMonster Edges over NameCheap

Richer features

Though NameCheap is able to provide cheaper hosting plans, it is inferior to HostMonster on the feature. For your better understanding, we decide to take the Value plan (NameCheap) and Basic plan (HostMonster) as an example.

HostMonster includes 50 GB disk space with the minimum plan so that you have much freedom to add rich media into your website. However, the 20 GB disk space of NameCheap is only enough for you to meet the basic needs. In addition, you have a longer time period to try HostMonster who has launched a 30-day refund policy.

What’s more, HostMonster comes with some good features which NameCheap does not offer. In detail, you can get a 1-year free domain name, PostgreSQL databases, Ruby on Rails, etc. from HostMonster, which can cut your budget within 1 year and increase your ability to manage your website.

Feature NameCheap HostMonster
Plan Value Basic
Free Domain 0 1
Hosted Domains 3 1
Disk Space 20 GB 50 GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 5
cPanel Yes Yes
MySQL Databases Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Databases No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Backup Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes Yes
Full Refund 14 Days 30 Days
Special Offer $0.82/mo $3.95/mo
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Better hosting environment

With a monitoring tool, we are able to get statistics about the hosting performance achieved by NameCheap and HostMonster in the last 30 days. We record that HostMonster has the ability to provide a more reliable and much faster hosting environment. The uptime of NameCheap is 99.93% and that of HostMonster is 99.98%. And the NameCheap response time for each server request is about 600ms while HostMonster is 74% faster than NameCheap.

It is worth mentioning that NameCheap makes a public commitment to 100% uptime which is backed by account credits. So far, we have not found any feedbacks from real users that NameCheap carries out the promise for the failure of 100% uptime. Anyway, NameCheap is able to ensure a good uptime.

When it comes to speed, there are some main reasons for the shorter response time of HostMonster. Firstly, the CloudFlare CDN is at your service to minimize the downtime and maximize the speed. Secondly, all the DELL servers are integrated with SSD drives, Intel processors, etc. Thirdly, top-tier data centers are home to the quality servers.

More contact tunnels

Both web hosts live up to our expectation for a quick response and professional answers. At any time, the support team is ready to address our problems in a quick way. However, we have to say that it is more convenient to get in touch with HostMonster who opens phone, email, ticket, and chat support to the public while NameCheap does not enable phone support.

HostMonster Is the better Shared Hosting Provider

There is no denying that NameCheap is a cheap hosting provider. However, you will shoulder a high risk getting a bad using experience and losing customers with NameCheap, which is the reason why we advise you to stay away from NameCheap. When turning eyes towards HostMonster, you will have an access to rich features, higher uptime, much faster speed, and more contact tunnels.