NameCheap VS iPage – Which Is Better

As two popular hosting providers, NameCheap and iPage come with a wide range of products, such as, shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. In this sense, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your package according to your requirements. In this article, we mainly try to answer whether NameCheap or iPage is better for Drupal hosting.

Below is the rating table which shows you the scores the two web hosts get on the Drupal hosting factors. We will have a further discussion on what similarities they share and what differences distinguish one from the other. After the detailed comparison, you will come to the conclusion which is better for you.

Rating NameCheap iPage
Price 4 4.5
Feature 3 4.5
Performance 3 4
Technical Support 3 4.5
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Indeed, NameCheap and iPage are not young web hosts because the former one started the hosting business in 2000 and the latter came to the hosting field in 1998. They have survived in the fierce competition for a long time due to their own edges.

NameCheap Edges over iPage

When it comes to the NameCheap edges, we have to mention the incomparable low prices. In addition to that, NameCheap enables you to work with cPanel control panel which makes it easy for you to deal with various hosting services.

Cheaper prices

iPage sets a low price for the all-in-one plan which is featured with rich server resources. The introductory price remains $1.99/mo with up to 83% off the regular price $11.95/mo no matter which billing terms you choose.

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Though iPage is able to provide a cheap hosting plan, it is amazing that NameCheap can reduce your upfront investment to a larger extent. The special prices for the 4 plans (Value, Professional, Ultimate, and Business SSD) start at $9.88/yr namely $0.82/mo which is valid for the first 12 months on your subscription.

More powerful control panel

As a whole, it is considerate for the two web hosts to provide a popular control panel for you. All the NameCheap shared hosting packages come with the industry standard – cPanel – which gives you a full control of your hosting accounts. However, iPage allows you to manage a website with the vDeck control panel which is not as powerful and popular as cPanel.

iPage Edges over NameCheap

Admittedly, NameCheap has slight advantages over iPage on the hosting fees and control panel. However, we find more reasons for you to go with iPage, such as, the much richer server resources, slightly higher hosting uptime, and more helpful customer service.

Much richer server resources

There is no need for you to worry about whether NameCheap and iPage are compatible with Drupal. You can find some evidence in the below table to prove that they are well prepared for Drupal hosting, such as PHP and MySQL.

Feature NameCheap iPage
Plan Value Essential Plan
Domain(s) 3 Unlimited
Disk Space 20 GB Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 Unlimited
Marketing Credits No $200
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
PHP Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
Free Domain No Yes
Backup Twice a Week Daily
Refund Policy 14 Days 30 Days
Current Price $0.82/mo $1.99/mo
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Though NameCheap offers cheaper hosting solutions and a better control panel, it sets some limitations for the server resources, such as, 20 GB disk space, 50 email accounts, and some more. What’s more, you may lose your data due to the backup which is only made twice a week. Then your application for full refund should be submitted within 14 days which are too short to test the quality of the hosting service.

Slightly higher hosting uptime

As a webmaster, there is no doubt that you try to improve your online presence. Therefore, you are on the way to look for a reliable hosting provider. Luckily, both NameCheap and iPage are able to guarantee at least 99.9% hosting uptime which is backed by multiple data centers, quality servers, UPS backup, etc. However, iPage (99.95% uptime) wins slightly over NameCheap (99.93% uptime) in the past 30 days.

More helpful customer service

Whenever you need real-person help, you can describe your issues through multiple communication methods. The iPage support team which works around the clock is available for you via email, chat, and phone. NameCheap only allows you to ask for help through the former two methods. There is no phone support available for you.

It is also important whether the two web hosts can make a quick response to your problems. To better answer the question, we tried to make a simple test for the chat support. As a result, the online support team of NameCheap is not as fast and helpful as that of iPage.

Conclusion – iPage Is Better

To sum up, iPage is better for Drupal hosting due to the edges in the feature and technical support. Though you need to pay a little more for the shared plan, you can get much more resources than NameCheap.

Instead, if you are a fan of cPanel, you can take the below hosting providers into consideration.