NameCheap vs Site5 – Pros and Cons on Web Hosting

Hanging between NameCheap and Site5, you may have the desire to get a quick and professional answer without the need to pay too many efforts. Based on our rich reviewing experience, the NameCheap vs Site5 comparison makes their pros and cons on web hosting known to you.

From the perspectives of multiple aspects, price, feature, uptime, speed, and support, this comparison tries to be as comprehensive as possible. The goal is to avoid the circumstances where you will suffer a lot from the occurrence of potential problems. After collecting many details, we come out the below rating table which reflects the feedbacks from our editors and verified users. The table offers a depressing picture that neither of them is good web hosting provider.

Rating NameCheap Site5
Price 5 3.5
Feature 3 4
Uptime 4.5 4.5
Speed 2.5 3
Support 3 3.5
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Pros of NameCheap

Cheap introductory offers

Value, Professional, Ultimate, and Business SSD are 4 web hosting solutions provided by NameCheap. For the first year, their prices are starting at $0.82/mo ONLY. Site5 includes hostBasic, HostPro, and HostPro+Turbo into their products offerings on web hosting. $6.95/mo is the starting price for the 2-year payment.

Price & Feature NameCheap Site5
Plan Value hostBasic
Billed Annually $0.82/mo for the 1st Year $8.95/mo
Billed Biennially $6.95/mo

cPanel control panel

Both beginners and developers are in want of an easy hosting experience which has a close relationship with control panel. In the market, cPanel has been recognized as the most useful control panel since the creation. NameCheap brings the convenience to manage various hosting services through standard cPanel. In contrast, the control panel Site5 uses is a modified version of the cPanel which has fewer functions.

Pros of Site5

Reasonable refund policy

The average full refund period is often 30 days. Different from other web hosts, NameCheap and Site5 releases different full refund policies for web hosting. NameCheap limits the time to 14 days while Site5 lengthens the time to 45 days. A common concern for both web hosts is no support for a pro-rated refund after the full time period.

Rich server resources

Package features should also be evaluated before the purchase. It is true that NameCheap sets incomparable hosting fees, but there are also very strict limitations on the server resources. With the view to the below table, you will have a better understanding of their feature offerings. What should draw your attention is their lack of some important features.

Price & Feature NameCheap Site5
Plan Value hostBasic
Websites 3 1
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Storage 20 GB Unlimited
Databases 50 Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel SiteAdmin
PHP 5.2-5.6/7.0-7.1 5.5/5.6/7.0
Backups Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes No
SSL Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No No

Similarities between NameCheap and Site5

99.9% hosting uptime

Are you looking for a reliable hosting provider? The measurement -hosting uptime- can be accessible through a monitoring tool. Certainly, the whole process to reveal the fact should be long enough to ensure the accuracy. You can breathe a sigh of relief, since our editors have carried out this time-consuming task.

It is recorded that both web hosts minimize the downtime to less than 1% during our monitoring. Below are the Site5 uptime records in the past 30 days. In fact, you will receive a service credit if you experience more than downtime than the Site5 guarantee allows. Judging from the commitment, we can see the great faith Site5 has to provide a reliable hosting environment.

Long server response time

According to our monitoring on their server response time, webmasters should leave the two web hosts out of consideration with the goal to have a fast using experience. With no integration of SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, and other advanced technologies, it is really difficult for the two web hosts to deliver as short as no more than 400ms server response time.

Poor technical support

Support quality is also a main downside for NameCheap and Site5. The only thing good about their technical support is their quick replies through live chat, phone call, or both. Ticket/email is advised to webmasters who need to describe the issues in details. However, there is a long way ahead of the two web hosts because of the often failure to provide effective solutions.

Also, their knowledge base should be more extensive, containing a wider range of articles and tutorials. In this way, users are more likely to find solutions from the online resources. There are some instances when users save much time and energy on the way to search for solutions.


It should be clear for why NameCheap and Site5 are not ideal web hosting providers. Because their cons outweigh their pros, we advise you to think twice before the decision to go with the two web hosts. Turning your eyes towards the below web hosts, you will be happy to see the benefits they can bring to your website.

At the end of this comparison, we want to express our appreciation for our editors who collect details and real users who submit their reviews.