Network Solutions VS BlueHost on Shared Web Hosting

It is common that many users may find it difficult to chose a suitable Drupal web host. That’s why we are delivering this Network Solutions vs BlueHost comparison to help these users make a better choice between the two companies. By carefully analyzing a variety aspects of both companies shared hosting services, we will try to show you both their similarities and differences.

On the basis of our genuine hosting experiences with the two companies since June 2015 and the reviews of their verified users, we have formed the following table to showcase the editorial rating of Network Solutions and BlueHost to grant you with an overall impression of their services.

Rating Network Solutions BlueHost
Reputation 3.5 5
Feature 3 4.5
Speed 3 4.5
Reliability 3.5 4.5
Technical Support 3 5
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Who Are Network Solutions and BlueHost?

Network Solutions is an American host founded in 1979 originally as a technology consulting company. It was until 2003 that the company began offering web hosting services. Up to now, it has set feet in various hosting related-services, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, and more. However, the company’s hosting services are not as reputable as that of some other leading providers.

BlueHost, as one of the top Drupal web hosts, has enjoyed a good reputation in the filed since its inception in 2003. This company has reached a tremendous number of happy customers with its high-quality hosting services. For Drupal hosting, BlueHost not only provides budget-friendly hosting plans but also offers rich server features, excellent uptime, and fast speed to render users with an optimal hosting experience.

What Similarities Do Network Solutions and BlueHost Share?

By our comprehensive surveys, Network Solutions and BlueHost indeed share multiple similarities that mainly revolve around the aspects of Drupal compatibility, money back policy and hosting features. More detailed illustrations are displayed in the coming parts.

100% Drupal compatibility

To install Drupal and get it running properly, certain basic requirements must be meet. However, you can rest assured because the shared hosting solutions from both the 2 web hosts have been proven to be fully compatible with Drupal as you can check in the following table.

Drupal Compatibility Network Solutions BlueHost
Disk Space 300+GB Unlimited
Web Server Apache Apache 2.2.22
Database MySQL MySQL
PHP 5.2.x 5.2.x/5.3.x
PHP Handler suPHP suPHP

30-Day money back policy

Both Network Solutions and BlueHost offer the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure web hosting services to be risk-free. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you are not satisfied with the services, as you can cancel your accounts within the guarantee period and get your money back.

What worth mentioning is that BlueHost also provides a pro-rated refund for users’ remained services of their terms after the full money back guarantee period. In this case, users are granted with more confidence to try out the company’s Drupal hosting services without any hassles.

Common feature offerings

As a matter of fact, BlueHost offers relatively richer hosting features than its rival, which is detailed in the following sections. However, the two companies do share some common points from this perspective.

  • They both includes unlimited bandwidth and email accounts within their hosting plans.
  • Network Solutions and BlueHost offer a 1-click installer, enabling their users to install Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular open source applications within few clicks.
  • Both of the support the most common programming scripts and provide some basic features, such as Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSL, CGI, and so on.
  • The two companies offer a free website builder to help users improve their online presences.

BlueHost Edges over Network Solutions

As an indisputable leader in the Drupal hosting field, BlueHost has outperformed the majority of competitors including Network Solutions. Displayed as below, it has definite advantages over the opponent in multiple aspects. And these advantages exactly explain why we will recommend BlueHost for Drupal hosting rather than the other company.

Richer hosting features

Though both 2 companies have many features in common, BlueHost actually has an obvious edge over Network Solution. To better display the differences, we choose the most popular plans of the 2 companies – Professional Hosting and Plus – to make a comparison in the table below.

Feature Network Solutions BlueHost
Plan in View Professional Plan Plus
Disk Space 500GB Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) 1 Unlimited
Free domaon 1 1
Email Accounts 2500 Unlimited
Email Storage 1 GB Unlimited
PostgreSQL No Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes
cPanel No Yes
Free Advertising Credit N/A $200
Discount N/A 60% 0ff
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

Better Drupal Performance

To show the reliability of their web hosting services, most web hosts would place information on their official sites about their data center, server, hardware, infrastructure and other technologies, which more or less can attract potential customers to purchase their services.

However, when we scan the whole site of Network Solutions, we find there is no information about their data center and server. Judged from this, the host is not confident in its quality of facilities.

Things are different with BlueHost. To ensure excellent performance, this web hosting provider utilizes world-class facilities and technologies.

  • Linux kernel & 3 self-managed data centers
  • High-performing Dell servers with dual quad processors
  • 4 separate physical fiber lines
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • UPS power backup & diesel generators
  • 24×7 server and network monitoring

According to our monitoring, the website hosted with BlueHost has a better uptime, achieving 100% averagely, and is much faster than the website hosted with Network Solutions.

More satisfying technical support

BuleHost provides 24×7 US-based technical support with different channels, including email, live chat and phone call. With professional Drupal hosting staffs offering responsive support, you can have your issues resolved quickly.

As for Network Solutions, this company only offers the support via email and telephone, not including the widely offered support channel of live chat.In addition, according to its terms of service, help is only available during US business hours.

Relatively cost-effective gosting plans

BlueHost has 3 shared hosting plans named Basic, Plus and Prime, which are regularly priced at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo. The good news is that a promotion is now available via this promotional link, reducing the prices down to $2.95/mo.

Bluehost Promotional Link Activation

Network Solutions also offers 3 advanced shared hosting plans, which are Essential, Professional and Premium, and priced at $7.9/mo, $10.55/mo and $23.12/mo. Through the default discount, the price of each plan is respectively changed to $2.99/mo, $3.99/mo and $36.95/mo.

Without doubt, BlueHost hosting packages is more cost-effective.

More user-friendly control panel

BlueHost utilizes the most popular and user-friendly cPanel which comes with an intuitive user-interface, so you can easily manage your websites, domains, databases, files and more. Besides, with the 1-click installer in cPanel, you can install a Drupal within just a few seconds.

However, Network Solutions uses a custom control panel that comes with very limited features and not as easy-to-use as cPanel. Judging from the control panel demo of this company, the control panel is very basic.

Final Thought – Which to Choose for Drupal Hosting?

According to this detailed Network Solutions vs BlueHost comparison, there is no doubt that BlueHost is a better choice for Drupal hosting. Besides providing affordable plans with rich features, the company also provides responsive technical support along with extraordinary hosting performance.

In consequence, we sincerely suggest you sign up BlueHost if you take your website seriously and desire a more than satisfying online presence.