Network Solutions VS GoDaddy on Drupal Hosting

Network Solutions and GoDaddy, one started in 1979 and the other in 1997, are among the long-history companies that offer a variety of online services, like domain registration, online marketing, email solution and web hosting, and so on.

As for Drupal hosting, both web hosts provide this kind. When coming to which one is better to go for, there are some aspects you need to concern. In this case, we made this Network Solutions vs GoDaddy comparison on their Drupal hosting services, so that you can have a better understanding of their services and make a choice.

Rating Network Solutions GoDaddy
Reputation 3 3.5
Pricing 2.5 3.5
Uptime 3 3.5
Speed 3 3.5
Support 2.5 2.5
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Network Solutions Drupal hosting comes with 3 plans, which are Essential, Professional and Premium, pricing at $7.9/mo, $10.55/mo and $23.12/mo.

GoDaddy also has 3 hosting packages named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate, which regularly start at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. However, this company now offers discounts for the plans, making the prices effectively price at 4.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $7.99/mo.

Obviously, GoDaddy provides much more budget-friendly shared hosting solutions than Network Solutions does.


GoDaddy uses user-friendly cPanel while Network Solutions uses a custom control panel. As you may know, cPanel is the most popular control panel that comes with an easy to use and intuitive interface, which allows you to easily access all the hosting features and mange many things like databases, domains, files, email and so on. However, compared with cPanel, the custom control panel is harder to handle.

In addition, Network Solutions offers various open source applications and GoDaddy comes with the 1-click install of more than 125 free applications, both including Drupal, so that you can get your Drupal site installed within just a few seconds.

Hosting Features

When it comes to hosting features, both of the two companies come with rich features. To give you an intuitive overview of their features, we choose their medium hosting packages to make a comparison in the following table.

Features Network Solutions GoDaddy
Plan in Comparison Professional Deluxe
Disk Storage 500 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) 1 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 50(300 MB) Unlimited(1 GB)
FTP Accounts 50 50
Email Accounts 2500(1 GB) 500(500 MB)
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Python, Perl Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes No
phpMyAdmin Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
DNS Management No Yes
SSH No Yes
Password Protected Directories No Yes
Custom PHP.ini No Yes

According to the comparison, the 2 companies share much in common, especially the programming languages like PHP5 and Python, etc.

However, GoDaddy is more rich-featured than Network Solutions for the allocation of disk storage, websites, MySQL databases, and so on. In addition, there are other things that highlight GoDaddy.

  • CloudLinux & Resources On-Demand
  • Virtualized file system CageFS that protects your content 24×7
  • Fraud, virus & spam protection
  • Email privacy & protection with 256-Bit Encryption

Reliability & Performance

Both web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime and excellent performance. To test their reliability and performance, we have hosted Drupal websites with both of them for quite a long time. According to our monitoring, Network Solutions fails to do as well as its promise, while GoDaddy lives up to the uptime guarantee but not the speed.

The following displays their uptime and server response recorded in the last 30 days.

Network Solutions uptime and server response:

Network Solutions Uptime And Speed

GoDaddy uptime and server response:

GoDaddy Uptime And Speed

As you can see, Network Solutions keeps an average uptime of 99.92% and takes averagely 820ms for server response. GoDaddy achieves approximately 99.97% uptime and the server response time is 635ms.

As a matter of fact, neither company offers very detailed information about their data centers, servers and other facilities on their official sites.

Though GoDaddy is not bad for uptime and speed, however, compared with some top Drupal hosting providers like InMotion Hosting, this web host does not perform well enough.

Technical Support

As for technical support, both hosting providers claim to offer 24×7 responsive support so that you can get your problems resolved as soon as possible. They have support channels including email and telephone.

However, they do not provide the widely offered support – live chat, which more or less depresses customers. For customers who have difficulty expressing their issues in English on phone, they would experience much inconvenience when they are in urgent situation but need immediate help.

What Do They Have in Common?

Network Solutions and GoDaddy have something in common in terms of the following aspects.

  • Drupal compatibility – By offering Apache server, MySQL 5 databases, PHP5, enough allocation of PHP memory and disk space, and 1-click Drupal installation, both web hosts are fully compatible with Drupal.
  • Money back policy – They both offer 30-day money back guarantee, which allows you to get your money back if you cancel your accounts due to dissatisfaction.

Final Thought – Both Are Not Recommended

Based on the comparison, GoDaddy performs better in some aspects than Network Solutions does, however, neither of them is recommended for hosting Drupal, as they do not come with budget-friendly hosting solutions and fails to provide reliable and fast hosting, and they even don’t support live chat.

In view of the above facts, you might as well consider the following top 3 Drupal hosting providers.