Network Solutions VS HostGator Shared Hosting

Both Network Solutions and HostGator have been offering hosting services for more than 15 years. However, there are a large number of big differences existing between their services.

For example, Network Solutions focuses on multiple services including email hosting and website building, while HostGator has always been putting all efforts in optimizing the website hosting solutions.

Besides, the two companies are quite different in the web hosting price, ease of use, and performance, which you are able to learn from their pros and cons when they are compared with each other.

To get the comparison easier to understand, we have prepared the following ratings.

Rating Network Solutions HostGator
Pricing 2.5 4.5
Features 3 4.5
Performance 3 4.5
Support 3.5 5
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Network Solutions Advantage over HostGator – Free Domain

Network Solutions has been providing some good features like ample disk storage and bandwidth. But when compared with HostGator, it doesn’t own any advantage except for the free domain which is included in all the web hosting plans.

The company offers 3 web hosting plans, each of which comes with a free domain when you choose an annual term. As for this domain, you must pay attention to the following facts.

  • The amount of the free time equals to the length of the plan you choose. This means if you select a 1-year plan, the domain is only free for the first year, and if you select a 2-year plan, the domain keeps free for the first two years.
  • When the initial term ends, you have to renew the so-called free domain at high rates. For instance, a .com domain charges a renewal fee of $37.99 per year.
  • The extensions available for free are .com, .org, .net, .us, .info, .biz and .name.

HostGator Advantages over Network Solutions

Due to the dedication and professionalism in web hosting, HostGator has gained a lot of advantages over its competitor, such as the reputation, cost-effectiveness, and support quality. Below are the details about the company’s advantages.

More affordable shared hosting plans

With HostGator, you can get 3 choices when buying a web hosting plan. These plans are priced from $6.95/mo to $14.95/mo at regular times, while they are now discounted 45% with the coupon code HG45PERCENT. By applying the coupon, you can enjoy much lower prices starting at $3.82/mo only.

Besides, each of the plans includes $200 credits for PPC ads, and a 45-day full money back guarantee.

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The prices of the 3 web hosting plans offered by Network Solutions have been set at a high level. Regularly, you have to pay $12.95/mo, $18.95/mo and $36.95/mo for these plans, which is so costly because you can even buy a cheap VPS with such costs.

As Network Solutions released small discounts for all the plans recently, you are able to buy the plans at $9.96/mo, $13.29/mo and $29.13/mo now. However, these prices are still very high compared with those of HostGator plans.

Richer and more easy-to-use features

HostGator provides cPanel and QuickInstall to make it easy for users to start a personal or business site and manage it. With these two tools, you don’t need to worry about the script installation, database management, email setup, and many other basic hosting tasks.

Network Solutions also offers 1-click application installation, but it doesn’t say which installer is available. In addition, the company doesn’t mention the control panel you can use in its feature list, so you have to make this clear if you want to try any of the web hosting plans.

In terms of the server resources, both web hosts provide ample storage and traffic. But for some other features, there are differences which are included in the table below.

Feature Network Solutions HostGator
Plan Essential Hosting Hatchling
Disk Space 300 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) Unspecified 1
Email Addresses 1000 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 25 Unlimited
FTP Accounts 25 Unlimited
PHP/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
Perl No Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
SSH No Yes
Regular Price $12.95/mo $6.95/mo
Discount 23% 45%
Discounted Price $9.96/mo $3.82/mo
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Better service reliability

HostGator has been offering more than 99.9% uptime in the real world, according to careful monitoring. Network Solutions can also provide such good uptime sometimes, but the reliability of its service is not as good as that of its competitor. Several serious attacks against Network Solutions servers were reported which affected thousands of hosted websites.

Below is the uptime monitoring statistics of HostGator.

Faster speed

HostGator has done much to deliver the best possible hosting speed to all customers.

  • The company builds a network by itself. The network features multiple connections to the major carriers, high-performance routing powered by Cisco equipment, and unceasing monitoring.
  • It utilizes CloudFlare CDN to serve customers’ website data from dozens of data centers around the world.
  • Its servers are carefully customized and optimized for improved performance.

In terms of speed, Network Solutions lags behind HostGator. Its server response time averages over 700ms, while that of HostGator is much shorter. You can learn HostGator server response speed in the chart below.

More considerate technical support

HostGator provides all the support resources you may need, such as a support phone number, a live chat entry, a ticket system, a knowledgebase, various video tutorials, and multiple support forums. All these resources are accessible 24×7, so it is your freedom to choose any method to get solutions to your problems.

Network Solutions offers support via tickets and phone, and the responses are quick. However, it lacks live chat, an instant and convenient method for resolving the commonly seen hosting issues.

Which Is Your Choice?

If there is a need to make a choice between Network Solutions and HostGator, our decision would be HostGator due to the following reasons.

  • cPanel is the most easy-to-use Linux hosting control panel.
  • HostGator plans are affordable.
  • The servers and networks are reliable and fast.

Also, you can learn more about HostGator before making a purchase.