How to Set Up a Drupal Website?

This tutorial is aimed at helping Drupal newbies to set up a Drupal website within 5 minutes by offering step by step guidance. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of Drupal among millions of websites, it has become a fashionable content management system.

Meanwhile, many Drupal newbies are wondering how to set up a Drupal website. In order to meet the requirements of many readers who ask this question frequently this period of time, we write the following article for your reference.

In the following illustration, we provide plain and concise step by step guidance to set up a Drupal website. Before you set up a Drupal website, initially, you should purchase a hosting service and spend much time in domain name resolution. Then, you can start to install a Drupal following the instruction as below.

Step 1 > Create A Database

After getting your user name and password of cPanel, log in your cPanel. And then start to create a database.

1. Find out and click the database “MySQL database”;


2. Make a new name and fill in the new name of database, and click “Create Database”;

In this part, remember that the name must be alphanumeric characters, and the first character should not be number.

new database

Now, the new database is created.

database added

3. Create MySQL user, fill in your user name and password;

It is important to remember your password, because you need to use it when install Drupal.

new user

4. Add database user to MySQL database with the above created user and database;

5. Choose “ALL PRIVILEGES”, and “Make Change”;

all privileges

Until now, you have successfully created a database, note that you should remember the name of database and user, and password.

Step 2 > Upload Drupal

1. Visit and download the latest version of Drupal;

download drupal

2. Go back to the home page of cPanel, find and click “File Manager”;

file manager

3. Choose “Web Root”, and then click “Go”;
The interface inside is as following:

web root

4. Upload the compressed file of Drupal;

Specific steps: click “Upload” > enter the interface > upload the compressed file of Drupal

upload interface


5. Go back to the web root and decompress the file of “Drupal 7.26”;


Choose “Drupal 7.26” and click “Extract” to compress the files;

After this process finished, there is a new category as “drupal-7.26” at the list.


drupal 7.26

6. Enter the file “Drupal 7.26”, and click “Select All”;

select all

Then move these files to the web root.

move file

7. Delete “drupal 7.26”, and remove all installed files to the web root;

remove drupal

Step 3 > Install Drupal to your website.

1. Visit your domain name in a browser;

domain name

After you have visited your domain name in browser, there is a webpage as following.

save drupal

2. Fill in your personal information about the name, the user name and password of your Database.

install drupal

At last, fill in your blog name and Email, then you will get admin and a random password of your Drupal User. Don’t forget to change this random password after you log in your Drupal.


With above detailed step by step guidance, our goal is to help you set up a Drupal website. It is not time and effort consuming. But if you think it is troublesome and inconvenient, you have another option. That is to purchase Drupal hosting service which features Fantasisco with which you can install hundreds of popular application in 1-click within 1 minute.

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