Site5 vs 1and1 – Good Option for Blogging?

1999 and 1988 are the two years when site5 and 1and1 became a web hosting company. With decades of experience serving webmasters, both web hosts have earned some trust from the market. Faced with the choice between them, some of our readers need a professional advice. Given that, our editors try to answer whether they are a good option for blogging after an in-depth investigation.

During the process, our focus is to reveal the fact behind their words. Much information has been collected from our editors and verified users, involving price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. To bring you the convenience, our editors work out the below rating table from which you will get a sense of their service quality.

Rating Site5 1and1
Price 4 4.5
Feature 3 2.5
Uptime 4.5 5
Speed 3.5 3
Support 3.5 3.5
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Site5 vs 1and1 on Price

1and1 is starting at $0.99/mo, an incomparable cheap price in the industry. However, the special offers are valid for the first 12 months ONLY. Then the renewal prices are from $7.99/mo. Site5 also has 3 shared hosting solutions to choose from, starting at $6.95/mo for the 2-year billing cycle. The monthly payment does not apply to the hostBasic plan.

Each hosting solution comes with a full money back guarantee. Site5 gives users more than 15 days to ask for a full refund. Just like many other web hosts, 1and1 releases a 30-day full refund policy.

Price Information Site5 1and1
Plan in Review hostBasic Basic
Billed Binnienlly 6.95/mo
Billed Annually $8.95/mo $0.99/mo(1st 12mos) and then $7.99/mo
Full Money Back 45 Days 30 Days

Site5 vs 1and1 on Feature

In comparison with the average pricing level, Site5 is a bit more expensive. Theoretically speaking, cPanel and unlimited package should be worthy of the prices. However, the lack of some important features drags down the price value, such as, website builder, SSL certificate, etc.

There is no doubt that 1and1 is a cheap web host with a 1-year domain name, SSL certificate, ad credits included. But many limitations exist on the packages. One of the big downsides should be the custom control panel which has often been criticized by the users. With important features buried, this panel doesn’t give a good using experience.

Feature Information Site5 1and1
Plan in Review hostBasic Basic
Hosted Domain 1 1
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 100 GB
Databases Unlimited 25
Email Accounts Unlimited 500
Free Domain No Yes
Ad Credits No Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Website Builder No No
cPanel Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
SSL Certificate No Yes
PHP 5.5/5.6/7.0 5.6/7.0/7.2

Site5 vs 1and1 on Uptime

If you have ever hosted a website, you must understand how important hosting uptime is. To put it simply, uptime is a measurement of the operational time of a server. The outage rate should be no more than 1% on a server. This is the responsibility of a web host should take for their users. We cannot emphasize too much the importance of uptime for the accessibility of website content.

What’s necessary is to get their uptime statistics in the real world, not trust their uptime guarantee. According to our monitoring, both Site5 and 1and1 value their uptime guarantee which has been made to users. Here we would like to show you the past month of 1and1 uptime statistics.

Site5 vs 1and1 on Speed

By the way, we also use the monitoring tool to get speed statistics. A big question for users is how long their server takes to answer requests. The bad news is that both web hosts are too slow to load their hosted websites before visitors’ departure. Also, 1and1 hosting performance in the past month can be seen from the below chart.

In fact, both web hosts include multiple redundant connections between data centers. But we have not found much optimization for faster speed. The main reason lies in their lack of use of advanced technologies, for example, content network delivery.

Site5 vs 1and1 on Support

Support quality should also be a concern for most webmasters, especially for beginners. It sounds great when both Site5 and 1and1 claim to provide 24/7 technical support. During our long time of reviewing web hosts, however, there are a few of them whose behaviors are in accordance with their words. Site5 and 1and1 opens multiple communication channels: live chat, phone call, and email. But their slow responses are the source of many complaints on the Internet.

It is not a surprise that many users hold high expectations for their knowledge base and help center. Their problems will be solved before becoming more and more serious, if there are detailed procedures to them.

Wrap Up

From what we have mentioned, there are some major flaws with either Site5 or 1and1. The cons outweigh their pros, which should be the reason to look for another web host. At this time, you can choose one from the below recommendations. In this way, it won’t be a waste of time and energy to learn more about them.