Site5 VS BlueHost – Drupal Hosting Comparison

Both of Site5 and BlueHost have been offering hosting solutions for more than 10 years. They have many similarities – the availability of shared hosting, managed VPS and dedicated servers, for example. However, they have also kept their own highlights to differ themselves from competitors.

This comparison is made with a focus on shared hosting, the most popular service of the 2 web hosts. As both companies offer 3 shared hosting solutions, the details and analyses below are based on their medium-level plan: Site5 hostPro plan and BlueHost Plus plan.

Similarities Between Site5 and BlueHost

Easy-to-use control panel

Site5 and BlueHost both offer an excellent web hosting control panel which has been enhanced based on cPanel, the #1 Linux hosting control panel. Despite the small differences like the design of navigation, the 2 control panels include nearly the same features including the resource usage stats and a large number of website management tools.

Useful & rich features

hostPro and Plus share a lot of features in common, including:

  • Unlimited resources: unlimited hosted domains, disk storage, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, etc.
  • Multiple security features: SSH, shared SSL certificate, SFTP and daily backups.
  • Various development features: PHP 5.4, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs, CGI-BIN, etc.
  • 1-click Drupal installer: BlueHost offers Mojo Marketplace (previous SimpleScripts), and Site5 provides Softaculous. The installers are accessible through the control panel.
  • Money back guarantee: Site5 promises 45-day full refund, while BlueHost guarantees 30-day full refund and anytime pro-rated refund.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Both web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime, and there will be compensations if they fail to meet the commitment. Our monitoring in the past year tells that the uptime is great in most months, and neither of the companies falls below 99.85% in any month. The average uptime of Site5 is 99.91% and that of BlueHost is 99.96%. Below is the real-time monitoring of BlueHost.

Multiple communication channels for support

Live chat, email and phone are the effective ways for contacting the support teams of Site5 and BlueHost. Besides, a knowledgebase and FAQs are also available for learning and self-help. But you should note that the phone support of Site5 is not available 24×7. You can only call the company’s support team in work hours during 10 am – 6 pm from Monday to Friday. All of BlueHost communication channels are usable at any time.

Site5 Edges over BlueHost

Site5 has been in the industry since 1999. In the past years, it has invested much in developing unique technologies to attract customers and improve the user experience. Below are the main advantages when comparing to BlueHost.

More server locations

Putting more focus on the North American market, BlueHost owns and operates 3 data centers all of which are in the US. On the contrary, Site5 has been cooperating with multiple data center service providers and offers server locations in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. You get more choices especially when your target market is outside the US.

Custom built Backstage

Backstage is a special tool developed by Site5 for their customers only. Through the interface, you can control the access of each user, view the server status, manage domains, update billing information and purchase add-ons. Although most of the features can be found in cPanel, Site5 offers a concentrated interface for users who have frequent demands on those features.

BlueHost Edges over Site5

BlueHost is much larger than Site5 in size. At present, there are more than 2 million domains are managed on BlueHost hosting platform. Besides this fact, BlueHost wins its competitor with the following advantages.

Cheaper price

With the same resources and control panel, hostPro costs more than Plus. The price of hostPro starts from $8.95/mo, and there is no discount available. Plus is priced at $9.99/mo regularly, while going through the promotional link below, you can get a 60% discount for $3.95/mo. The deduction lasts for a maximum of 3 years.

In addition, Plus includes 1 free domain, $200 marketing credits and 1 SpamExperts, which adds more value to the plan.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Better compatibility

Both web hosts can ensure good compatibility with Drupal by offering the major versions of PHP and MySQL as well as Apache web server. However, BlueHost also supports PostgreSQL, an advanced open source database, which gives more options for users with specific needs.

Faster speed

The server response and page loads of BlueHost are much faster than that of Site5. Besides the advanced server configurations, the other 2 main reasons are:

  • Global CDN, which serves static content over 2 times faster.
  • Resource protection technology, which identifies and isolates bad websites to guarantee the performance of shared servers.

See BlueHost server response speed in below which is approximately 50% faster than Site5.

More professional Drupal hosting support

BlueHost has a team of experts who know much about Drupal. The company offers Drupal-dedicated support with guaranteed 30-second response through phone and live chat and 15-minute response for support tickets.

Also, there is a user forum which has Drupal developers participating in. Questions posted in the forum can be answered within 12 hours. Site5 has not built a support forum.

Site5 VS BlueHost – Which Is Better for Hosting Drupal?

BlueHost, of course. It is the more cost-effective choice with better features, speed and support. Above all, you can get tons of free extras which not only save money but also help you start learning to promote your website.