Site5 VS HostGator – Drupal Hosting Comparison

This post compares the shared hosting service of Site5 and HostGator. As the companies both provide 3 plans, the mid-level ones – Site5 hostPro and HostGator Baby – are selected for the analysis of pricing, features and extras. Hope the detailed information below can help you make a choice for hosting your Drupal site.

Before proceeding to more comparison details, you can check the following rating table to get an overall impression on several critical aspects of the two companies shared hosting plans, such as the reputation, feature, speed, reliability, and support.

Rating Site5 HostGator
Reputation 2.5 4.5
Feature 2.5 4.5
Speed 2 4.5
Reliability 3 5
Support 2.5 5

Brief Introduction to Site5 and HostGator

Site5 and HostGator are among the largest web hosting providers around the world. The former was established in 1999, offering Drupal users the choices of shared hosting and VPS. And the latter was founded in 2002, managing over 9 million domains now.

Similarities Between Site5 and HostGator

The 2 web hosts lay much emphasis on the improvement of shared hosting. To ensure a good user experience, they both offer free website migration and various features to cover the needs of Drupal users. Below are what common between Site5 hostPro and HostGator Baby plan.

  • cPanel with Drupal installer – The 2 plans include cPanel which is integrated with a 1-click script installer. Whether with Site5 Softaculous or HostGator QuickInstall, Drupal can be installed and upgraded easily.
  • Unlimited resources – Both plans come with unlimited hosted websites, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, parked domains, and more.
  • Green web hosting – The 2 web hosts have been devoted to environment protection for a couple of years. HostGator purchases wind credits to compensate the energy consumed, and Site5 mainly plants trees.
  • Advanced features – PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, MySQL, SSH, shared SSL, SSI, IMAP support, etc.
  • 45-day refund guarantee – Both web hosts guarantee 45-day full refund, which makes the purchases the same worry-free.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – For HostGator, if the uptime falls below 99.9%, you will receive a credit of one-month hosting fee. And for Site5, a 100% credit is only issued when the uptime is less than 95%. Monitoring shows that both companies have been delivering excellent uptime in the past year – Site5 averaging 99.91% and HostGator averaging 99.95%. Below are the monitoring statistics of HostGator.

HostGator Edges over Site5

HostGator is one of the 10 world’s largest web hosting providers, and the fast growing is essentially due to the good reputation and great services. According to the information and statistics we have collected, HostGator has been performing much better than Site5 in shared hosting as it owns the following advantages.

More affordable prices

hostPro comes with 3 billing cycles: 1 month, 12-month and 24-month, and the prices are $8.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $10.95/mo respectively. Baby gives users more flexibility by allowing 3-month, 6-month and 36-month billing too.

The regular prices of Baby range from $7.95/mo to $9.95/mo depending on the length of the term. If you apply the coupon code HostUCan during the checkout, you will be able to get a 45% discount for any billing cycle with which the effective price starts from $5.47/mo only. The price for monthly billing is also reduced to $6.57/mo.

Besides the reasonable pricing level and beneficial discounts, HostGator also includes some free extras within its Baby hosting plan output more value for users worldwide. The following are some significant freebies that you can enjoy with this web host.

  • $100 Google AdWords credits.
  • $100 Bing/Yahoo search marketing credits.
  • Automated weekly off-site backups.
  • Free Weebly SiteBuilder & 4,500 free website templates
  • 52+ free scripts that can be instantly deployed within few clicks
HostGator Promotional Link Activation

To sum up, HostGator is certainly more budget-friendly than Site5. In this case, no matter you are looking for web host for personal or enterprise-level use, you can feel free to try HostGator and start building your online presence in a confident way.

Faster speed

HostGator uses 2 data centers to meet the needs of webmasters with visitors in different geographic locations. In addition, the utilization of the following equipment and technologies also contributes to HostGator fast speed.

  • Cutting-edge network infrastructure equipment from Brocade, Cisco, Juniper, Arbor Networks and Arista Networks.
  • Multiple network carriers: Cogent, Comcast, Level(3), nLayer and Hurricane Electric.
  • CloudFlare CDN, an excellent service that serves content several times faster with over 25 globally distributed server locations.

According to our monitoring, the server response of HostGator is more than 45% faster than that of Site5. Read the chart below for real-time monitoring of HostGator server response speed.

On the basis of the explanations above, it is beyond no doubt that HostGator can not only guarantee excellent uptime but also deliver your website’ contents with blazing-fast speed.

More efficient real-time support

Both of Site5 and HostGator offer support through phone, live chat and ticket system, while the difference is that all of HostGator support channels are available 24×7 but Site5 phone support is reachable during 10AM-6PM EST Monday to Friday.

Another difference is that the live chat and phone of HostGator are much more responsive than those of Site5. The average waiting time of the former company is less than 1 minute while that of the latter can be double. Based on our experience of using the 2 web hosts’ services, HostGator has done more greatly in instant help – both the responsiveness and the accuracy.

Better written tutorials

HostGator knowledgebase is one of the best places to learn web hosting and website management. The tutorials cover a wide range of topics ranging from cPanel to website design. Besides, the company also offers:

  • A blog which includes the latest news in the industry and a number of web hosting tips.
  • A forum where you can seek help from experienced users and HostGator support staff.
  • Video tutorials which help you get started with web hosting quickly.

Site5 also provides a knowledgebase as well as a Q&A section.

Better industry reputation

With more than a decade of hosting experience, HostGator knows well of users needs. It has developed a wide range of affordable and feature-rich hosting solutions for individuals as well as businesses.

Under this circumstance, it is no wonder that HostGator is welcomed worldwide. According to a rough estimation, the company has hosted more than 5,000,000 domains and managed over 8,000 servers throughout the globe.

In order to figure out the customer satisfaction rate of this web host, we have launched a comprehensive survey on HostUCan, one of the most popular hosting review sit over the web.

So far, we have received 273 sincere reviews from active customers of HostGator. In total, 99.98% of these customers are satisfied with its hosting performance, control panel, customer support, and other aspects, which is much more terrific than that of Site5.

Windows hosting solutions are available

Most webmasters host Drupal on a Linux hosting platform, but if you ever have a need of a Windows hosting plan, HostGator can satisfy you. The company offers affordable shared, VPS and dedicated server plans for Windows users with price starting from $4.16/mo only. These special offerings make this web host a good choice for developers developing Drupal on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Site5 Edges over HostGator

To be honest, Site5 does not possess many advantages when compared with HostGator since their web hosting features are nearly the same. The only 2 points worth mentioning are:

  • Backstage Account Manager – Site5 offers a specialized account manager named Backstage to make it easy to manage billing, browse server status and purchase add-ons.
  • Good ticket support – The web host has a 6-hour support response guarantee and claims to refund customers’ accounts with a $1 credit for each ticket that does not meet the guarantee. In fact, the waiting time is usually less than 4 hours.

Which to Choose – Site5 Or HostGator?

According to the analysis that we’ve made in this Site5 vs HostGator, the latter company is larger in size and more reliable than the former one. Above all, the Drupal hosting plans cost much less. In this case, our suggestion is HostGator, of course.