Site5 VS iPage – Which to Choose

Because there are many web hosting options in the market, only experienced users have a clear idea on how to make a right choice. Before the purchase with Site5 or iPage, it is wise for you to take some advice from our professional editors. The core information you need to learn will be discussed in this Site5 VS iPage comparison.

The collection and arrangement of the information makes us have a better understanding of the two web hosts. From the perspectives of price, feature, uptime, speed, and support, both of them have their own pros and cons. What you need to do is to check whether they can meet your requirements and then find the better one. Though they offer multiple hosting services, we select their shared hosting for a detailed comparison due to the affordability and popularity among website owners.

Rating Site5 iPage
Price 3.5 5
Feature 2.5 3.5
Uptime 5 5
Speed 3.5 4.5
Support 3.5 4.5
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Advantages of Using Site5

More shared hosting solutions

Site5 gives users three options to choose from hostBasic, hostPro, and hostPro+Turbo. If you choose to go with iPage, there is no need to consider which plan you should purchase. The reason lies in the single shared hosting solution which is designed to meet all the online needs at a great value.

Better full refund policy

We quite understand your concern to make a purchase. That is the money security when you have the desire for the cancellation of your account. After all, there are some instances when you may have a sense of being cheated by the sweet words. In this case, both web hosts encourage users to have a try with the release of a full refund policy. However, the time duration of Site5 is longer than that of iPage.

Advantages of Using iPage

Incomparable hosting charges

Price is likely to be the first consideration for some users who cannot have full control over their budget. So what increase the attractiveness of iPage to these users are the incomparable hosting charges. The promotional link will give special discounts to iPage users and lower the prices down to $1.99/mo. From the below table, you are able to learn more pricing details.

Price Information Site5 iPage
Plan in Review hostBasic One Plan
Billed Trinnienlly $1.99/mo
Billed Binnienlly $6.95/mo $2.49/mo
Billed Annually $8.95/mo $2.99/mo
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More free extras

The number of domain names iPage allows on your account is without limitations. If you want to create multiple websites, however, there is the need for Site5 users to follow the more advanced plans. Also, iPage comes with a free website builder which will help you create a mobile-friendly and professional website in a quick and easy way. What’s more, some other extras are available to benefit the growth of your website.

Feature Information Site5 iPage
Plan in Review hostBasic One Plan
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Custom vDeck
PHP 5.5/5.6/7.0 5.3
Hosted Domains 1 Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes
Website Builder No Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Ad Credits No Yes
Marketing Tools No Yes
Daily Backup Yes Yes
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Faster hosting speed

In the long run, the significant influence uptime and speed bring to a website cannot be ignored. If there are not real statistics displayed on the official website, people will be at a loss what to do to get them. In fact, many monitoring tools can be chosen from the market. We work with Pingdom which is free of charge to reveal the fact.

Regardless of your choice, the availability of your website can be ensured most often. But they need different length of time to answer server requests. iPage makes more efforts to equip the data centers with advanced technologies. So this web host can perform faster with the average of 559ms server response time.

Better technical support

Technical support is crucial for all the users. Even developers have the need to consult more professional technicians. Faced with problems or issues, iPage users also have more convenience to contact support members. The channels can be live chat and phone call while Site5 fails to create a phone system. Apart from that, we get quicker responses from iPage.

In addition to the real-time technical support, both web hosts create a knowledgebase for the purpose of self-learning. This is a good place where users want to find the solutions to the common errors. It saves support members much time to address more complex problems. The whole process to get rid of problems can be simplified under the guidance of online resources.

Wrap Up

Through our analysis of the two web hosts, whether to opt for Site5 or iPage should not be a question from now on. iPage is a recommended web host due to the more major advantages it has over the competitor. At the same time, you can increase the knowledge of iPage from the below user feedbacks. In a word, the information we have gathered suggests that iPage should be your choice.

If both cannot satisfy your needs, then take the below web hosts into consideration.