Site5 VS JustHost – Which to Choose

It is unbearable to go with a terrible web host who cannot live up to your expectations. Things will be complicated when you want to transfer from one web host to another one. Certainly, you will suffer a lot from a wrong choice, such as, loss of data, domain fee, and many more. Therefore, you are wise to look for more information before your subscription to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

If Site5 and JustHost are on your shopping list, you can tell which one is more trustworthy under the guidance of the Site5 vs JustHost. You can have a quick view on the below overall rating table and then get to know more about the two web hosts. Our study says that you should give preference to JustHost though it just entered into the hosting business in 2008.

Rating Site5 JustHost
Pricing 3 4.5
Feature 3.5 4.5
Uptime 3.5 4.5
Performance 3 4.5
Support 3 5
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JustHost Offers Much Cheaper Plans

The Site5 best value which starts at $6.95/mo is only available for 2-year contract. If you have a control over your budget, you are free to choose a monthly plan: hostPro or hostPro + Turbo. With these two plans, you need to pay at least $12.95/mo or $19.95/mo to try Site5. At this moment, a question may come to your mind that whether JustHost is more budget-friendly.

The JustHost lowest price of $3.49/mo is only valid if you sign up for a 3-year contract. However, the longer term does not mean a higher price because Site5 requires you to pay $166.8 for the 2-year hostBasic plan while JustHost only charges as low as $125.64 for the 3-year Basic plan. In addition, the monthly payment for the JustHost plans only starts at $7.99/mo.

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Site5 Offers Richer Basic Features

After careful consideration, we decide to take the two plans (hostBasic from Site5 and Basic from JustHost) as an example to explore which one comes with richer features. The below table can well explain that Site5 sets high price for the server resources like unlimited disk space. In addition, there is no free website builder, PostgreSQL, and node.js available for the Site5 users.

JustHost sets some limitations for the disk space, mailboxes, etc. If you want more server resources from JustHost, you might as well take the slightly more expensive plans into consideration. These plans come with some other advanced features, such as, marketing offers, SSL certificate, spam prevention, etc.

Feature Site5 JustHost
Plan hostBasic Basic
Free Domain 0 1
Hosted Domain(s) 1 1
Disk Storage Unlimited 50 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes Unlimited 5
Free Website Builder No Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Node.js No Yes
Specail Offer $6.95/mo $3.49/mo
Conclusion Recommended

JustHost Provides a Better Hosting Environment

As a webmaster, you naturally know how important you online presence is. That’s the reason why you never stop your steps to look for a good hosing provider who can also shape a reliable and fast hosting environment for you. You are still worried about that the fact does not work as promised.

After our test, we dare to say that Site5 and JustHost do not make an empty lip service on the uptime. The reliable hosting environment attributes to the solid hosting infrastructures: multiple data centers, quality servers, 24/7 monitoring, etc.

However, we would like to say that Site5 has a long server response time which will have a negative impact on the using experience. In comparison, JustHost delivers a much faster speed than Site5 because it has invested much on the multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, dual quad core processors, CDN, etc.

JustHost Offers a Better Technical Support

Site5 and JustHost allow you to ask for help in the way you like: making a call, using the ticket system, or having an online chat. However, Site5 sets time limitations for the phone support. In detail, the Site5 phone support is only available for you during the business hours. From this perspective, you are freer to express your situation to the JustHost support team.

When you do not need real person support, you probably try to find solutions to your problems through the online resources. However, Site5 includes much fewer articles in the knowledge base. In addition, there are no video tutorials available for the Site5 users. Things are different when you turn to JustHost who is much more considerate.

JustHost Is a Better Shared Hosting Provider

So far, we have not found any reasons for you to go with Site5 who is obviously inferior to JustHost. Indeed, we are not surprised about the gap between Site5 and JustHost at all because JustHost must have some secret weapons to rank itself into one of the best hosting providers in the field.

Now we have a clear idea about the highlights of JustHost, such as, the reasonable allocations for server resources, affordable hosting plans, good hosting environment, considerate technical support, etc.