SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting – Business Drupal Hosting Comparison

This SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting comparison is made for Drupal users who are looking for a budget-friendly and reliable hosting solution to run their business sites.

To come out the result, we have started the performance testing to check their uptime and page loading, reviewing their services for the price, features and support, and survey for hundreds of real customers to figure out their customer satisfaction.

Note that the result of the below star rating chart is coming from our personal experiences with these two web hosts. Frankly, InMotion Hosting leaves a better impression for us.

Rating InMotion SiteGround
Reputation 5 5
Feature 5 3.5
Speed 5 2.5
Technical Support 5 5
Uptime 5 5
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Their Common Aspects for Hosting Drupal

As for their common aspects, both of these two Drupal hosting providers have guaranteed the 100% Drupal compatibility, great uptime track records and technical support.

100% Drupal Compatibility

According to, the system requirements for running Drupal properly include:

  • Web servers of Apache, Microsoft IIS and Nginx with the latest version, among which the Apache server with the version 2.x is the most recommended option.
  • MySQL database with the version of 5.5.x and PHP with the version of 5.5.x.
  • At least 125 MB of PHP memory limit.
  • suPHP working as the handler of PHP for Drupal site security.
  • Special extensions of JSON, APC, XML and GD library.

After checking the Drupal hosting of these two providers, both of them have fully met these requirements, thus being able to guarantee the rich environment for running Drupal.

Great Uptime Track Record

According to our online research, we have found that both of them only utilize the high-quality web servers and locate these machines at multiple world-class data centers. Backed by these advanced facilities and infrastructures, they all claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime in the real-world.

To figure out whether this is just a promotional trick, we have started the uptime monitoring since the beginning of this year. Based on the monitoring result, both SiteGround and InMotion Hosting have fully kept their promises by achieving a great uptime track record with no serious and frequent downtime for our sample Drupal sites.

InMotion vs SiteGround on Uptime

Responsive Technical Support

To make sure that you can get the effective troubleshooting, these two web hosts all offer the time-rounded technical support with a group of knowledgeable and patient support staffs. Therefore, once you are in trouble and need someone to help you, you can contact these representatives via multiple channels including hotline, email, ticket system and live chat.

After contacting them personally, we have found that both of them can guarantee an instant response for any request.

InMotion Hosting Edges Over SiteGround

According to our review, InMotion Hosting is better than SiteGround when it comes to the hosting features, hosting charges and page loading speed.

More Hosting Features

Both of them offer the features of cPanel control panel, 1-click Drupal installer, free daily backup, free site transfer, SSH, multiple email accounts and many more.

However, when comparing them intensively, InMotion Hosting is more generous by offering unlimited allocation of disk spaces and monthly data transfer and $250 free advertising credits.

What’s more, users with InMotion hosting are able to enjosy a variety of bonus features, such as free SSD drives, free data backups, free site building tools and themes, and many more.

SiteGround, however, sets some restrictions on the allocation of server resources and only allows $100 credits for Google AdWords. From these facts, it is not as cost-effective as InMotion.

Cheaper Hosting Prices

InMotion Hosting offers three packages that are charged starting at $7.99/mo regularly. But now, with the release of their latest promo code, you can enjoy a 56% discount that reduces the prices down to $3.49/mo effectively. Even the most powerful Pro plan only charges you $9.49 each month.

Inmotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

As for SiteGround, this web host offers a default 50% discount, with which you can purchase its hosting solution from $3.95/mo to $14.95/mo.

Clearly, InMotion Hosting is slightly cheaper than SiteGround, making it possible for both individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses to start their hosting journeys in a confident manner.

Prices InMotion SiteGround
Original Price $7.99/mo $9.95/mo
Promotional Price $3.49/mo $3.95/mo
Discount 56% 60%
How to Claim Promotional Link Not Recommended

Longer Money Back Guarantee

As one of the most safe and secure web hosts in the field, InMotion provides a 90-day full money back guarantee for users to ask for a refund if in any case they are not sufficiently satisfied with its hosting services.

To be frank, Inmotion money back guarantee is one of the longest among roughly 200 companies that we have reviewed in the past years. Therefore, it is much more competitive than most other web hosts, including SiteGround who only issues a full refund for those who cancel their accounts within the first 30 days.

Faster Hosting Speed

According to our performance monitoring to test the server response time they can achieve for our sample sites, we have found that InMotion Hosting is undoubtedly the faster option, requiring 200 ms on average to respond each server request.

Technically speaking, InMotion server response time is fairly extraordinary, which can be potentially helpful for users to boost the traffic as well as search engine rankings of their websites.

InMotion vs SiteGround on Speed

In fact, we are not surprised about the great result achieved by InMotion. After all, the web host has adopted multiple technologies to improve the hosting performance greatly, including the exclusive Max Speed Zone technology, SSD drives, fully redundant network, Peering Exchange and world-class ISPs.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Rate

With more than a decade of hosting experience, InMotion has earned itself a good reputation among its real customers and the whole industry. So far, it has registered more than 100,000 domains and hosted nearly 200,000 sites, which attests to its popularity on a global scales.

On HostUCan, a professional hosting review site, we have received a total of 1172 reviews from verified customers of InMotion. According to the analysis, the company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 98.8%.

To be more specific, roughly 98.5% customers are satisfied with InMotion reliability and performance, 97.3% customers are glad with its control panel and software, and 98.0% customers are pleased with the professional customer support.

SiteGround Edges Over InMotion Hosting

As for the aspects of how can SiteGround win over InMotion Hosting, we have concluded three aspects – the offering of free domains, the publishing of written tutorials and the adoption of CDN.

  • Free domain – SiteGround gives you a free domain name that is available for the first year, while InMotion does not offer this free extra.
  • More written tutorials – Both of them offer a lot of tutorials for Drupal. However, the tutorials released by SiteGround are more information-rich.
  • CloudFlare CDN – This special service is offered to benefit your website speed, security and uptime, but InMotion does not include it into the packages.

Summary – InMotion Is Recommended

On the basis of this side-by-side SiteGround vs InMotion comparison, InMotion is undoubtedly the better option for all-level users considering the cost-effective hosting plans, rich features, blazing-fast speed, excellent uptime, and responsive technical support.

Therefore, we highly recommend this company. If you want to check its offerings in detail, please read the in-depth InMotion review on our site or visit