Top Drupal SEO Guidelines & Tips for Beginners

The appropriate SEO can increase the ranking of your Drupal site among the search results. Generally speaking, if your Drupal site frequently appears and ranks higher in the list of search results, people have more possibility to visit your site and thus bring much traffic and income.

Experienced webmasters know how to optimize their websites, but such case doesn’t happen to those who are new and don’t have much knowledge about Drupal SEO. Fortunately, here are several tips for beginners to get some basic knowledge about how to optimize Drupal websites. And details are illustrated in the following parts.

Optimize the Use of Keywords

KeywordsAs one of the most significant parts of SEO, you have to pay special attention to the research and use of keywords. Here are some points about keyword use you should notice.

In the first place, you need to put your keywords into artical title. Of course, search engines focus the message in your title. What’s more, you’d better place keywords both in your beginning paragraph and the closing part because some search engines recognize that the vital phrase and words are usually involved in those two parts.

In addition, there are another two points that you should know about keywords. Firstly, please don’t stuff your text with keywords or make it awkward. If you can incorporate different ways of talking about a subject in a natural way, it is helpful for both search engines and visitors to read the content.

Another point is that don’t put wrong keywords into use. For example, if you choose those keywords that are completely non-sense or highly competitive, it would be very hard for you to gain a good position in the search results.

Make Use of SEO Modules

SEO ModulesSEO modules are helpful hands for beginners as they have powerful built-in features to guide you through the optimization of many parts. Such modules can be free or paid and you can choose some of them according to your needs. There are some great SEO modules which might help you to some degree.

  • As one of the best Drupal SEO modules, SEO Checklist can list the most significant SEO tasks and associated modules, which helps you get known of what you will need to do.
  • PathAuto module is another option you can take into consideration. This module can automatically generate URL path aliases for a sort of content. In other words, it can make sure that site visitors and search engines are able to collect messages on content by URLs.
  • Page Title module can never be ignored. This module has a great influence on on-page SEO and provides the access for you to control the node which can render default title.
  • Google Analytics is a useful module which is capable of tracking users, massages and links. For instance, through this module, you can get the information about what your visitors are looking through, where they are from and how long they stay on your site, and so on.

Build Inbound Links

Inbound LinksAs is known, search engines can rank a website on the basis of the number and quality of the links that your site gains from other websites. Therefore, the function of inbound links can never be overstressed because these links can not only dramatically improve the ranking of your site but also bring a large number of potential visitors to your website.

There are many ways to get inbound links as long as you make some efforts,such as directory links, social bookmarking, and blog comment. To get a higher rank, some websites may also choose to buy inbound links. Actually we don’t recommend you to do so because you might be punished by search engines once you use this method inappropriately or found by search engines.

Increase Website Speed

There is no doubt that website speed is another important factor which can affect the SEO of your Drupal site. If your website speed is fast, you will not only attract many visitors to get traffic but also stay away from the punishment of search engines.

It is a general idea that website speed has close relation with hosting package, which means you have to choose a reliable web host who can provide fast loading speed and quick server response. In addition, a good hosting provider with professional technical support even can help you optimize your website.


Besides what mentioned above, there are some additional notes you need to take care. The most important one of them is that you have to create quality content because the updated search algorithm reduces rankings for some low quality sites.