WebHostingBuzz VS BlueHost on Hosting Drupal

When making a choice between them for Drupal hosting, many people may seem a little confused. In this case, we made this WebHostingBuzz VS BlueHost comparison mainly focusing on their pricing, features, performance and support.

Rating WebHostingBuzz BlueHost
Reputation 3 5
Pricing 3 4.5
Uptime 2.5 5
Speed 3 4.5
Control Panel 4 5
Support 4 5
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About WebHostingBuzz and BlueHost

Founded in 2002, WebHostingBuzz is a web hosting provider aiming to provide quality and fast service at affordable prices. So far, it has served more than 30,000 clients from 140+ countries around the world.

Launched 1 year later than WebHostingBuzz, BlueHost is built on open source technology and has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions.

What Are the Similarities Between WebHostingBuzz and BlueHost?

In order to make the comparison more accurate and objective, we have collected hundreds of sincere reviews from real customers of both companies and made wide investigations on their shared hosting packages. Accordingly, we have found the following common points between WebHostingBuzz and BlueHost.

100% Drupal compatibility

According to Drupal.org, the following aspects are the basic requirements for Drupal running. Both WebHostingBuzz and BlueHost include the following features that meet these requirements.

  • Disk space – at least 60 MB
  • Web server – Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS
  • Database – MySQL 5.0.x for Drupal 7, MySQL 5.5.x for Drupal 8
  • PHP – PHP 5.2.x for Drupal , PHP 5.5.x for Drupal 8

After checking the feature list of the two companies, we find that both WebHostingBuzz and BlueHost meet these requirements, making it possible for running Drupal properly.

Rich hosting features

In addition to fully Drupal compatibility, the 2 web hosts also come with rich features that contribute to building a website. Taking their most popular web hosting plans – Buzz Power and Plus – as an example, both include the following features.

  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts and email storage
  • Free domain name
  • Most popular and easy to use control panel cPanel
  • 1-click Drupal installer that get your site up and running in seconds
  • Perl, CGI, SSH, SSI, HTML 5 & Java Script support

24×7 technical support

Both of these two web hosting companies provide the 24×7 technical support via multiple channels, including email, live chat, ticket and telephone. They have experienced technical support team working around the clock to help you out. Therefore, anytime you are in trouble with your hosting, you can contact their technical staffs to get timely and effective answers.
WebHostingBuzz Edges over BlueHost

Green web hosting

Collaborating with The Woodland Trust (TWT), WebHostingBuzz has a new green, environmentally focused policy, which reduces the impact on the environment without losing the power of performance.

  • Use energy saving lighting throughout their offices.
  • Recycle over 70% of their office waste.
  • 27% less power usage than average server.
  • Air conditioning approved by the Energy Star Board.

Free website transfers

WebHostingBuzz offers free migration services for their customers, which make it rather easy for those who already have had a website but want to have a transfer. BlueHost also provides migration services, however, it will charge you a certain amount of money.

Hassle-free refund policy

To deliver good hosting service and experience, both companies offer money back policy which allows you to get all your money back if you are not satisfied and cancel your orders. However, WebHostingBuzz guarantees a slightly longer time, offering a 45-day full refund, while BlueHost allows 30 days for the full refunding.

BlueHost Edges over WebHostingBuzz

Despite the common merits above, BlueHost, a highly reputable hosting provider, is much more competitive than its rival. On the basis of our surveys, it has outperformed WebHostingBuzz in the following aspects.

More billing cycle options

Both the 2 web hosts offer 3 shared hosting plans at affordable prices. BlueHost has plans including Basic, Plus and Prime, and the regular price starts at $7.99/mo. But now, a promotion is available through the following promotional link, which cuts the regular price to $2.95/mo.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

As for WebHostingBuzz, this web host also has 3 hosting plans that are Buzz Light, Buzz Power and Buzz Premier, regularly pricing at $4.95/mo. However, no discount is available.

It seems BlueHost does not have much edge on pricing. However, this company offers more billing cycle options. With the 3-year billing, the price then becomes even cheaper.

Billing Cycle WebHostingBuzz BlueHost
1 Year $5.95/mo $4.95/mo
2 Years $4.95/mo $3.95/mo
3 Years N/A $2.95/mo
Discount N/A 63% off
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

Better hosting reliability

Both BlueHost and WebHostingBuzz guarantee 99.9% uptime. To perform their commitments, both of them make great efforts. According to our monitoring in the real world, the two companies have indeed fulfilled this promise. However, BlueHost is much more reliable than its opponent.

BlueHost utilizes the world-class technologies and facilities, including 3 data centers, dual quad processor, UPS power backup, diesel generator system and 24×7 network monitoring.

Backed by high-quality hosting infrastructures together with advanced technologies, BlueHost has enough confidence to grant users with an extremely reliable hosting environment. As you can see from the screen capture below, it has achieved an average of 100% uptime in the last month.

BlueHost Uptime

As for WebHostingBuzz, this web host has multiple locations for their data centers, which are typically carrier hotels where they maintain their own private colocation suite, cage and space. Besides, there is also redundant connectivity available.

However, according to our monitoring, there was some occasional downtime occurring, making its average uptime much poorer than BlueHost. In the following is the uptime recorded in the last month.

WebHostingBuzz Poor Uptime

Faster page loading speed

Besides maintaining a more excellent uptime record, BlueHost also delivers the contents of users’ websites with faster speed than WebHostingBuzz.

In order to test the speed of both BlueHost and WebHostingBuzz, we have hosted 2 sample sites on them. According to our monitoring in the last month, we find BlueHost averagely take 320ms for server response, which is much faster than WebHostingBuzz.

BlueHost response time:

BlueHost Response Time

WebHostingBuzz response time:

WebHostingBuzz Response Time

The excellent performance of BlueHost does not surprise us actually, as there are enough proofs making the result convincing.

  • 100% high-performance Dell servers
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber connections
  • Built-in CloudFlare CDN service
  • 24×7 network monitoring

Free advertising credits

In each shared hosting plan, BlueHost offers a certain amount of advertising credits, $50 included in Basic, $200 included in both Plus and Prime. With these advertising credits, you’re able to promote your websites and services on search engines. However, WebHostingBuzz does not offer this kind of free extra.

Higher customer satisfaction rate

With more than a decade of development, BlueHost has made itself an indisputable leader from a nameless startup. So far, the company has served more than 850,000 websites on a global scale and earned itself an excellent reputation in the whole industry.

Based on the 862 reviews that we have collected on BestHostingSearch, a terrific hosting review site, the company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99.98%, which is much higher than that of WebHostingBuzz.

To be more specific, there are 99.91% of these customers are satisfied with its excellent hosting reliability, 99.93% are satisfied with its user-friendly control panel, and 99.95% are satisfied with its 24×7 professional technical support.

WebHostingBuzz VS BlueHost – Which is a Better Choice?

According to this comparison, you can see that both web hosting companies are fully Drupal compatible, as well as have sufficient hosting features and 24×7 technical support. However, as considering the prices, uptime and speed, BlueHost is a better choice for running Drupal websites.

In this case, we suggest you pick a plan from BlueHost to start your hosting journey. With its excellent performance and responsive technical support, you can be rest assured to create an optimal online presence with ease.