WebHostingHub vs A Small Orange on Cheap Blog Hosting

We have a deep understanding of that you want to control your budget by shopping for the cheap blog hosting. However, it is wise for you to go with a quality blog host at the best price. In the long run, you will get a headache if you ignore some important aspects from the beginning. The WebHostingHub vs A Small Orange comparison will reveal the fact whether the two web hosts provide rich features, a good hosting environment, and a quality technical support with affordable hosting fees.

WebHostingHub is a young hosting provider who now only focuses on the shared hosting. A Small Orange is a comprehensive hosting provider who opens the shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server to the public. From this perspective, the latter one gives you more flexibility to upgrade your package. In most cases, however, you just take the shared hosting service into consideration for a blog. This comparison is exactly on the evaluation of their shared hosting.

Rating WebHostingHub A Small Orange
Ease of Use 5 5
Refund Policy 5 5
Hosting Environment 5 4
Hosting Charges 5 3.5
Available Feature 5 3
Technical Support 4.5 2.5
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Similarities between WebHostingHub and A Small Orange

cPanel control panel

cPanel, a Linux-based web hosting control panel, simplifies the process of hosting a website. This control panel earns the reputation among webmasters due to the ease-of-use features, automation tools, and a graphical interface. There are some instances when web hosts like Lunarpages require you to pay extra money for cPanel. However, WebHostingHub and A Small Orange integrate free cPanel with all the plans so that you can easily manage your hosting account without additional costs.

A 90-day refund policy

In the industry, most web hosts tend to make a 30 day money back guarantee. To better protect your money security, however, WebHostingHub and A Small Orange allow you to ask for a full refund within the initial 90 days for any reason. From this perspective, you have a longer-term free trial with either of them.

Good blog hosting environment

As is known to you, the hosting reliability and hosting performance have a direct influence on the popularity of your blog. During our investigation, both web hosts have good uptime and speed records in the past 30 days. Especially, WebHostingHub leaves a deeper impression on us with the average of 99.99% uptime and 397ms server response time. The achievement is closely related with the multiple data centers, Dell servers, SSD drives, UPS, multiple network connections, constant monitoring, etc.

WebHostingHub Edges over A Small Orange

More budget-friendly blog hosting

No matter which web host you choose, you can select among multiple shared hosting plans which are regularly priced from $8.99/mo and $5.92/mo. However, A Small Orange is not as budget-friendly as WebHostingHub who releases a promotional link for new customers. With an up to 78% discount, the starting price is cut down to $3.99/mo (12 mos) or $1.95/mo (1st 3 mos) + $3.99/mo (21/33 mos).

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Richer server resources & more free extras

On one hand, A Small Orange puts strict limitations on the disk space and bandwidth. Even if you pay $25 for the maximum plan, you can only have access to 30 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. The minimum plan of A Small Orange only comes with 500 MB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth which are not enough to run a simple blog. However, you will not exceed the usage on the disk space and bandwidth with WebHostingHub under normal circumstances.

On the other hand, WebHostingHub provides you with much more free extras, such as, up to $250 ad credits, a 1-year free domain name, marketing tool, and more. However, you can only get a free domain name from A Small Orange.

Feature WebHostingHub A Small Orange
Websites Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited 30 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 500 GB
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Full Money Back 90 Days 30 Days
Website Builder Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes No
cPanel Yes No
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
Marketing Tools Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Better technical support

On the Internet, there are many complaints about the technical support of A Small Orange and compliments about that of WebHostingHub. Our investigation is also in accordance with the feedbacks. To make things clear, we would like to list out why WebHostingHub stands out in the competition.

  • Contact methods: A Small Orange hides ticket system behind a login screen, requires you to enter the detailed information into the live chat system, and does not provide phone support service. However, WebHostingHub opens more contact methods (phone, chat, email, ticket, and Skype).
  • Responsiveness: During our tests, WebHostingHub needs less than 10 seconds to make responses through phone, chat, and Skype. However, A Small Orange often takes a long time to answer our chats and tickets.

Wrap Up

At this moment, a conclusion can be drawn that WebHostingHub offers cheap blog hosting without a compromise on the service quality. This web host encourages you to try the hosting service with the 90-day refund policy, excellent hosting environment, cheaper hosting fees, rich features, and better technical support.