WebHostingHub vs eHost on Cheap Blog Hosting

WebHostingHub and eHost are two web hosts whose focus is to need the needs for individuals and small businesses. Setting their plans at a low pricing level, the two web hosts encourage you to learn more about them. Since you probably have no idea where to start, the WebHostingHub vs eHost comparison takes over the time-consuming task so that you can get an exact answer with ease.

In our experience, we would like to learn as much as details on price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. On the evaluation of these aspects, we also work out a rating table with which you can have general information. Then come the detailed reasons for why WebHostingHub is worthy of your money. It is noted that eHost has made the decision to take it offline and directed visitors to iPage.

Rating WebHostingHub eHost
Hosting Charges 5 5
Hosting Uptime 5 4.5
Package Feature 5 4.5
Hosting Speed 4.5 2
Technical Support 5 3
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Similarities between WebHostingHub and eHost

Low hosting fees

Their web hosting solutions have strong competiveness in the industry, priced from 3.99/mo and $1.99/mo. There is a 55% and 75% discount off the regular prices $8.99/mo and $7.99/mo. For those who send the 2/3-year payment to WebHostingHub at one time, they will receive additional discounts with which you just need to pay $1.95/mo for the first three months. The below table is provided for you to learn more pricing information.

Pricing Information WebHostingHub eHost
Plan in Review Spark One Plan
Regular Price $8.99/mo $7.99/mo
12 Months $3.99/mo $2.99/mo
24 Months $1.95/mo (3 mos) + $3.99/mo (21 mos) $2.49/mo
36 Months $1.95/mo (3 mos) + $3.99/mo (21 mos) $1.99/mo
Payment Methods Credit Card Credit Card/Paypal
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99.9% hosting uptime

During the journey to judge a web host, uptime is a crucial factor for online presence. That’s the reason why many web hosts make a 99.9% uptime guarantee to show their confidence in hosting reliability. However, WebHostingHub is an exception who does not put the words on the official website.

To find out the truth, we have kept their uptime records for a long time. In the real world, there is no problem for the two web hosts to commit more than 99.9% uptime. Seriously speaking, WebHostingHub has more excellent uptime records than eHost.

WebHostingHub edges over eHost

Their similarities make it difficult to tell which one is the better option. Only can you distinguish one from the other after a comprehensive understanding of their differences. Below are unique to WebHostingHub users.

Anytime money back guarantee

Just like other web hosts, eHost makes a 30-day full money back guarantee. However, WebHostingHub lengthens the time to 90 days, giving a full refund to those who cancel their account within 90 days. In the meantime, the cancellations after 90 days also result in a pro-rated refund for the unused services. From this perspective, it is WebHostingHub that reduces your risk in trying the hosting services.

Richer feature offerings

The low hosting fees come with generous and noticeable features: unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, ad credits, SSL certificate, etc. On one hand, you are free from the worry of overusing disk space and bandwidth under normal circumstances. On the other hand, you can make easy website management and improve your website.

It is fact that eHost also sets no limit on hosted websites, databases, and other resources. However, WebHostingHub is more cost-effective with the provision of major features. In detail, this web host provides users with PostgreSQL, free SSD, and more.

Feature Information WebHostingHub eHost
Plan in Review Spark One Plan
Free Domain 1 1
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unknown
Hosted Domain(s) 2 Unlimited
Databases 10 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Website Transfer Zero Downtime Yes
Free SSD Yes No
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
How to Claim Promo Link Not Recommended

Faster speed

Since speed has a close relationship with SEO rankings, we also try to figure out which one is the faster hosting provider. Our results show that WebHostingHub delivers a much faster speed than eHost. The server response time of eHost (more than 1200ms) is too long to give users a happy using experience. Not to mention the disaster the slow speed brings to an eCommerce website.

WebHostingHub is able to do a better job with the use of SSD drives which are 20x faster than traditional hard drives. There are some other technologies WebHostingHub uses to optimize the hosting performance.

Better technical support

In the event that you cannot find the sources to your problems, a solid support team will help you out of them. With the provision of phone, chat, email/ticket supports, both WebHostingHub and eHost are ready to answer your requests no matter what time, day or night.

However, eHost has received some complaints on the lack of professionalism and friendliness. Thus eHost should take WebHostingHub as an example and build a professional support team. At the same time, WebHostingHub also enables you to make a Skype call to better control their phone expenses.

Wrap Up

There are more than advantages WebHostingHub has over eHost. So we recommend you to go with WebHostingHub. The anytime money back guarantee is really attractive for you to have a try.