WebHostingHub VS InMotion for Hosting Drupal

WebHostingHub and InMotion are privately held web hosting brands gaining increasing popularity. If you read their background information carefully enough, you may have found that they are sister brands sharing the same data center and network facilities.

Despite this fact, the 2 web hosts have been maintaining differences in their offerings and services. This comparison, therefore, will analyze the common points, as well as the differences.

The Similarities Between WebHostingHub and InMotion

As two popular Drupal hosts, both WebHostingHub and InMotion have established a large user base throughout the globe. On the basis of our investigations, the secrets of their successes lie in the following aspects.

Upgradable shared hosting plans with reasonable pricing

Both WebHostingHub and InMotion attach much importance to shared hosting, offering affordable and scalable solutions. They both have released 3 plans to meet the demands of individuals and small businesses.

WebHostingHub plans are named as Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo, priced from $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $10.99/mo regularly. For accounts opened through the promotional link below, the price of the first 2 plans reduces to $1.95/mo and $6.99/mo. Note that the special $1.95/mo is valid for the first 3 months of 2-year and 3-year terms only.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

InMotion plans are called Launch, Power, and Pro. They are now available from $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo and $9.49/mo respectively for new customers making subscriptions through the promotional link below. Up to $300 advertising credits are included in the plans.

InMotion Promotional Link Activation

Rich features

The plans of WebHostingHub and InMotion are priced depending on the number of allowed websites, databases, parked domains, and sub-domains. But all plans include:

  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth.
  • cPanel & Softaculous Drupal installer.
  • McAfee email protection with advanced spam filtering.
  • Free website transfer with no downtime.
  • Daily website backups.
  • Shared SSL certificate.

A variety of free extras

Besides rich server resources and almost all the critical hosting features, WebHostingHub and InMotion also include the following freebies within their hosting plans to help users create an optimal online presence in a confident manner.

  • A free domain or domain transfer
  • Free solid state drives that can boost page loads up to 20x faster
  • Free website builder, themes, and templates
  • Up to $250 free marketing credits
  • Free data backups

Easy-to-use control panel & 1-click installer

WebHostingHub and InMotion offer a cPanel control panel, one of the most reputable control panels in the field, to help users manage their accounts, domains, files, databases, almost every aspect with ease.

In addition, they integrate this control panel with a 1-click installer. By utilizing this tool, users can easily install more than 310 free open source applications available over the web, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on.

90-day full money back guarantee

This guarantee applies to the customers of both web hosts. It makes sure a 90-day risk-free trial for new users. If you are not completely satisfied with the price, uptime, speed, support or any other aspect of the service you receive, you can get your money back. There is no cheating or trick.

The same professional technical support

WebHostingHub and InMotion use the same support team to serve customers’ requests. Through phone, live chat or email, you can quickly get a support representative standing by you. The support services of them have been keeping a high reputation.

The only difference is that InMotion has a more extensive knowledgebase which is trusted by many more webmasters. For questions put in the comments of the articles in the knowledgebase, the company can always give a quick response offering help.

Good uptime backed by the same data center facilities

The 2 web hosts are powered by the same data centers. They operate the data centers and equip them with uninterrupted power supply, multiple Internet connections, and a dedicated management team. That is the main reason why they can deliver excellent uptime. Read the charts below for our monitoring results.

WebHostingHub uptime:

InMotion uptime:

Excellent Drupal industry reputation

Founded in 2001, WebHostingHub is a comprehensive web hosting provider that has been dedicated to providing high-quality Drupal hosting solutions for users to get their websites online at fairly affordable prices. InMotion, on the other side, is also an indisputable leader in the industry, being favored by both personal and enterprise-level users worldwide.

According to our surveys, both of the two companies have earned themselves a good reputation and achieved a high customer satisfaction rate in the hosting community. To illustrate this point more clearly, let’s take InMotion as an example.

By the 1169 reviews that we have received from real customers of InMotion, the company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 99%. In detail, there are 99% customers satisfied with its hosting control panel, 99% customers satisfied with its reliability, and 99% customers appreciate the company’s tehcnial support.

The Differences Between WebHostingHub and InMotion

Although being sister brands, WebHostingHub and InMotion have some different offerings.

Special offerings of WebHostingHub

The largest goal of WebHostingHub is to enable users to get online easily. As we’ve mentioned before, this web host offers a free domain for all users, so that they don’t need to spend extra money or try to register a domain elsewhere at a low rate and then transfer it to WebHostingHub.

Besides, the users of Nitro and Dynamo have access to a 20% discount for the web design service. Using the service, you only need to prepare the website content, and WebHostingHub will design the website and get it online.

If it is your first purchase of web hosting and would like to learn the basic account and website management skills, WebHostingHub has prepared an on-boarding call. You can require a call from a support representative to guide you through the setup of account and even the building of a website.

Special offerings of InMotion

In fact, the largest difference between the companies is that WebHostingHub offers shared hosting only while InMotion also specializes VPS and dedicated servers. With InMotion, you have more upgrade options. All levels of demands are covered.

In addition, InMotion offers relatively more technologies in the shared hosting plans, including SSH, PostgreSQL database, Ruby on Rails and Google Apps integration, which makes it a better choice for developers.

At last, InMotion is much faster than WebHostingHub. According to our monitoring, the server response speed of the former is approximately 70% faster than the latter in most months. Read the chart below for the monitoring statistics in the past 30 days.

Summary – Which Web Host to Choose?

From this WebHostingHub vs InMotion comparison, both companies are great in shared hosting. Therefore, we have the following suggestions for you do make a choice between them.