WebHostingHub vs Media Temple – Which Is Better for Bloggers

With the goal to find the right direction, you hold high expectations for an instruction which can help you set WebHostingHub and Media Temple apart. If so, you can get a professional advice from the WebHostingHub vs Media Temple comparison without the need to collect the details on your own. Our editors have reviewed lots of web hosts since 2006, accumulating the experience of how to judge a web host.

Our own hosting experience and users’ feedbacks contribute a lot to the objectiveness of this comparison. In addition to the below overall comparison, the detailed comparison goes to their price, feature, uptime, speed, and support on shared hosting. At the end of the comparison, it will be easy to find which one is better for bloggers.

Rating WebHostingHub Media Temple
Hosting Charges 5 3
Package Feature 4.5 3
Hosting Uptime 5 4
Hosting Speed 4.5 2.5
Technical Support 4.5 3
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WebHostingHub vs Media Temple on Price

The first consideration should be whether their hosting solutions are within your budget. We want to make a clear comparison with the selection of their basic plan. There is a sharp pricing gap between WebHostingHub and Media Temple, which can be learned from the following table.

WebHostingHub prices the plans as low as $3.99/mo through the promotional link and gives additional discounts to some users. However, the Media Temple prices range from $15/mo to $20/mo, which add a financial burden to most users. At the same time, it is more risk-free to go with WebHostingHub who releases an anytime refund policy.

Pricing Information WebHostingHub Media Temple
Plan in Review Spark Personal
Regular Price $8.99/mo $20/mo
12-Month Price $3.99/mo $16.67/mo
24-Month Price $1.95/mo (3 mos) + $3.99/mo (21 mos) $15.83/mo
36-Month Price $1.95/mo (3 mos) + $3.99/mo (21 mos) $15/mo
Full Refund 90 Days 30 Days
Pro-rated Refund Yes No
How to Claim Promo Link Not Recommended

WebHostingHub vs Media Temple on Feature

The good news is that WebHostingHub also includes rich features to the plans. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, mailboxes, cPanel, ad credits, free SSL, 1 free domain name, and other noticeable features are accessible to each plan. However, there is a flaw in the deed that you need to pay $1/mo for the backup service.

By comparison, there are much fewer server resources provided by Media Temple. With this web host, you are likely to fall into trouble because it lacks some feature offerings, such as, cPanel, PostgreSQL databases, SSL certificate, etc.

Feature Information WebHostingHub Media Temple
Plan in Review Spark Personal
Free Domain 1 0
Hosted Domain(s) 2 100
Databases 10 100
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 1 TB
Mailboxes Unlimited 1000
Control Panel cPanel Custom
SSH Yes No
Ad Credits Yes No
PostgreSQL Yes No
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Optional
SSL Yes Optional
PHP Yes Yes
How to Claim Promo Link Not Recommended

WebHostingHub vs Media Temple on Uptime

On the Internet are many voices about the hosting uptime. The websites hosted by Media Temple claim to encounter a couple of downtimes. On some occasions, the downtimes are even for more than an hour. In contrast, we have found few bad feedbacks on WebHostingHub uptime. The words prove to be true after our long-term monitoring on uptime.

WebHostingHub sticks to the principle that it never overloads accounts on each server. In the meantime, the data centers are optimized for the better protection from power outages, security issues, high temperatures, natural disasters, and more.

WebHostingHub vs Media Temple on Speed

It is also disappointing to get Media Temple statistics on the server response time. In most cases, Media Temple takes more than 10 seconds for the navigation. The server responds of Media Temple are much lower than those of WebHostingHub (less than 4 seconds). Also, we would like to explore the reasons behind the achievement.

With the use of top-tier data centers, SSD drives, and more, WebHostingHub can deliver faster page load speed.

WebHostingHub vs Media Temple on Support

Support should be a key factor for the online presence. On their official website, both web hosts enable technical support for live chat, phone call, Skype, ticket, and more. However, it is more convenient for WebHostingHub users to use the communication channels, most of which are placed on the top of the each page. And the WebHostingHub support team is said to be more responsive and helpful.

Both web hosts give you the possibility to find the answer from the online resources inside the support center. However, the online resources of Media Temple are not as rich as those of WebHostingHub. As a whole, the support quality of WebHostingHub is more satisfying by our editors and verified users.

Wrap Up – WebHostingHub Recommended

The side-by-side comparison clearly shows that WebHostingHub is a better choice. On one hand, you can have access to the quality hosting service. On the other hand, this web host protects you from the worry of money security. At the end of the comparison, you can have a quick view to the WebHostingHub review chart which helps you learn users feedbacks on the service quality.