WebHostingHub vs NameCheap – Which Offers the Better Web Hosting

WebHostingHub, established in 2010, is a young hosting provider whose focus is to provide the best possible affordable web hosting solutions without sacrificing the service quality. Over the time, it has earned a great reputation in the hosting field. With a history of more than 15 years, NameCheap also attaches a great importance to the hosting affordability and service range. Then a question may arise in your mind that which one is right for your website. In this case, you can find an exact answer from the WebHostingHub vs NameCheap comparison.

With the goal to help you find out the better web hosting provider, we make an in-depth investigation into their hosting fees, package features, hosting reliability, hosting performance, and support quality. In a big picture, NameCheap lags far behind WebHostingHub who lives up to the reputation. To start with, you can have a quick view to the below table where we give unbiased marks to their web hosting.

Rating WebHostingHub NameCheap
Hosting Charges 4.5 5
Service Range 4.5 5
Package Features 5 4
Hosting Environment 5 3.5
Technical Support 4.5 4.5
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NameCheap Edges over WebHostingHub

Cheaper web hosting solutions

WebHostingHub and NameCheap can meet your requirement for the cheap web hosting. If there must be a winner, NameCheap is that one because the web hosting solutions are only priced from $0.82/mo for the first year and $3.24/mo in the remainder of your subscription.

In fact, WebHostingHub also tries their best to lower the pricing to a proper level with the release of a promotional link. In the regular time, you are required to pay at least $8.99/mo. As a new three month and then $3.99/mo in the remainder of your subscription.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Broader service range

There are some instances when you are not just want to have a web hosting but to work with a professional SSL certificate, a proper domain name, and more. To your disappointment, WebHostingHub bears one goal in mind to provide powerful, scalable, and affordable web hosting. However, NameCheap provides you with a wider range of hosting services.

WebHostingHub Edges over NameCheap

Better Package features

Admittedly, both web hosts include all of the essential hosting features and tools you need to start a new website or accommodate your existing website. However, WebHostingHub is superior to NameCheap due to the richer server resources, more free extras, and more security.

  • Puts no limits on the disk space, monthly visits, and mailboxes.
  • Provides some free extras like a 1-year free domain name, ad credits, and more.
  • Creates backups for your data on the daily basis.
  • Allows you to get your full money back within 90 days.
Feature WebHostingHub NameCheap
Plan Spark Value
Hosted Domain(s) 2 3
Free Domain 1 Year 0
Disk Space Unlimited 20 GB
Monthly Visits Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes Unlimited 50
Databases 10 50
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Full Money Back 90 Days 14 Days
Ad Credits $75 No
Website Builder Yes Yes
Website Transfer Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Regular Price $8.99/mo $3.24/mo
Current Price $1.95/1st three mo $0.82/1st yr
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Better hosting environment

When your website encounters constant downtime and slow page loading, there is no surprise that you will suffer a great loss of visitors. To avoid this circumstance, you need to check whether your hosting solution comes with high hosting reliability and hosting performance. It is unwise for you to be blind pursuit of the cheap web hosting without taking the most crucial factor into consideration.

Having gathered information from our monitoring and users’ feedbacks, we would like to express our appreciation for WebHostingHub who not only minimizes the downtime to 0.01% and needs less than 4 seconds for page loading but also receives public praises from verified users. To find the reasons behind the excellent job, we also take a close look at the WebHostingHub hosting infrastructures. The US-based data centers are equipped with BPG routing technology, 20 gigabits of connectivity, and network redundancy. The Dell servers are configured with 24 Intel Cores, RAID 10 storage, 24 GB memory, and SSD drives (20x faster).

Better support quality

Support quality is also a crucial factor because you cannot run your website without obstacles. At that moment, a solid support team can help you relieve the stress of getting your issues fixed. In our personal experience, WebHostingHub is able to provide the better support quality.

  • More support methods: We have more freedom to choose how to contact WebHostingHub (live chat, phone call, Skype, ticket system, email, or knowledgebase). However, NameCheap does not provide phone and Skype support.
  • Quicker responses: When we make tests for the chat support, the support holding time of WebHostingHub is shorter than that of NameCheap.
  • More professional answers: The WebHostingHub technicians are so professional that they have no trouble to resolve our issues quickly.

WebHostingHub Offers the Better Web Hosting

If you just want to find the cheap web hosting, you can go with either of them. Otherwise, you are more advised to start your new hosting journey with WebHostingHub who offers the better web hosting. Moreover, this web host gives you the better sense of worry free under the protection of the 90-day full refund policy.