WebHostingHub vs SiteGround -Which Is Better

Based on the Linux operating system, WebHostingHub and SiteGround has served a great number of webmasters. The former one works hard to provide you with powerful, scalable and affordable shared hosting plans. The latter one opens multiple hosting services but mainly focuses its energies on the web hosting service. Under the guidance of the WebHostingHub vs SiteGround comparison, you will have a clear idea of which one is the better choice on the shared hosting.

To make things clear, we will not only show the similarities between the two web hosts but also set them apart with the differences. In this way, you are able to have a better understanding about which one can better meet your requirements. If you want to have a quick view, the below rating table is at your service.

Rating WebHostingHub SiteGround
Ease of Use 5 5
Reliability 5 5
Technical Support 4.5 4.5
Hosting Charges 5 4
Available Feature 5 3
Speed 5 3.5
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Similarities between WebHostingHub and SiteGround

Ease of use

One of the biggest reasons for their reputation is that they attach a great importance to the ease of use. With either of them, you can effortlessly create a website with free website builder, transfer your website for free, manage your hosting account with cPanel, and install popular applications in one click with the Softaculous installer.

Truly reliable web hosting

On the market, almost all web hosts will make a public commitment to at least 99.9% uptime. If your neighborhoods overuse server resources and pose threats to servers, it is easy for your website to encounter constant downtime. To avoid this circumstance, they do not oversell their hosting services.

There is no surprise that WebHostingHub and SiteGround have a good uptime record. On one hand, they don’t overload accounts on each server. On the other hand, they work with quality servers, as well as redundant power supplies, on-site monitoring, climate control, flooding, and other advanced facilities for data centers.To our astonishment, WebHostingHub has the ability to minimize the downtime to 0.01%.

Good technical support

In the event of emergencies, a solid support team can fix your issues in time and reduce your losses. Therefore, it is crucial for you to check whether you are backed by a quality technical support. The good news is that both web hosts make quick responses and provide helpful solutions during our tests.

  • There are multiple convenient contact methods (live chat, phone call, and ticket system) available for you.
  • Their team members often answer our issues within 10 seconds.
  • The team members win our trust with their professionalism.

Highlight of SiteGround – Global Data Centers

It is a fact that both web hosts have more than one data center. However, WebHostingHub limits the data centers to both coasts of US while SiteGround spreads the data centers across the globe (Chicago, London, Italy, Amsterdam, and Singapore). From this perspective, SiteGround can better shorten the distance between servers and your target users.

Highlights of WebHostingHub

High hosting affordability & richer features

In the regular time, the starting price of WebHostingHub is $8.99/mo and that of SiteGround is $9.95/mo. At present, both web hosts try to be as budget-friendly as possible and give you considerable discounts.

In detail, you can claim the WebHostingHub 78% discount and pay as low as $3.99/mo with the promotional link. If you sign up for the 2/3-year Spark plan, you just need to pay $1.95/mo for the 1st three months. SiteGround also reduces the stating price down to $3.95/mo and allows you to have a monthly trial. However, you are required to pay $14.95/yr for a new domain name or $14.95/mo for the setup.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

Besides, SiteGround also fails to set sufficient allocations for server resources and to offer some free extras. Judging from the feature table, you will learn how WebHostingHub stands out in the competition. First of all, it does not put limits on disk space and monthly visits. Then you can get a 1-year free domain name, promote your website with free ad credits, and have a 90-day free trial with WebHostingHub.

Feature WebHostingHub SiteGround
Plan Spark Startup
Hosted Domain(s) 2 1
Disk Space Unlimited 10 GB
Monthly Visits Unlimited 10,000
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 10 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Full Money Back 90 Days 30 Days
Ad Credits $75 No
Free Domain 1 Year No
Website Builder Yes Yes
Website Transfer Yes Yes
Free SSD Yes Yes
Softaculous Installer Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Perl/Python Yes Yes
Current Price $3.99/mo $3.95/mo
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Short server response time

If you have a higher requirement on speed, you are more advised to choose WebHostingHub who needs shorter time to answer each server response. To be honest, there is not a big gap between the two web hosts. However, WebHostingHub(about 400ms) is more than 30% faster than SiteGround (about 600ms), improving your conversion rate to some extent. The gap lies in that WebHostingHub utilizes dell servers, high-performance processors, multiple network paths, SSDs, and more so as to improve the hosting performance.

Wrap Up

To sum up, WebHostingHub is superior to SiteGround mainly due to the cheap hosting fees, 90-day refund policy, and fast web hosting. Thus we would like to recommend WebHostingHub more.